Political Candidates interviewed on "The New WHFR Journal," as of 10-8-10

Listen to extended interviews with political candidates on the Nov. 2 ballot BEFORE deciding how to vote! All are in episodes of "The New WHFR Journal," archived for download or streaming from our homepage--just click on the "Journal" button and select the appropriate date:

6-11-10, Virg Bernero (Democrat, Governor)
7-2-10, Rick Snyder (Republican, Governor)
7-23-10, George Darany (Democrat, MI 15th District Rep)
9-10-10, Harley Mikkelson (Green Party, Governor)
9-17-10, Scotty Boman (Libertarian, Secretary of State)
9-24-10, Daryl Smith (U.S. Taxpayer Party, MI 15th District Rep)

"Jeff's Favs" On "Saturday Spontaneity" -- Saturday, October 9, 2pm-4pm

Some movies and some soundtracks make life-long impressions.

Join host Jeff when he shares his favorite soundtracks and movie themes -- and why they are so important to him.

It happens 2pm-4pm this Saturday right here on WHFR!

The Flash Drive Jazz Show features "RITA SHELBY" 6pm-8pm Thursday October 7th

The Flash Drive Jazz Show invites you to listen to Rita Shelby Thursday October 7th 6-8pm. Join program host Marc Anthony as he features her latest release A Date With A Song with straight ahead jazz tunes like "Old Man's Girl", "Sour Citrus" and much, much more!

Enjoy the incredible vocals of Jazzy Rita Shelby, a veteran performer in radio, TV and film. Rita Shelby is a vibrant song stylist with a life long passion for music. Her debut album, "A Date With A Song" is sure to please the jazz and music lover in YOU!"

"October Babies" LIVE! on "Motor Live Drive @ 5", Thursday 5pm-6pm, October 7th

"October Babies are yet another fine example of Ypsilanti's knack for spitting out some of the coolest weird music on the planet. Part alt-rock, part dub band, part electronic, always entertaining, the October Babies seem on their way to good things, having just returned from a well-received Japanese tour and with plenty of regional dates to keep them busy. The trio's completely original compositions explore the cosmic side of the world music palette, maintaining an optimistic dreaminess that seems to always view the glass as half full ...

Former Astronaut DR. EDGAR MITCHELL on "We Are Not Alone", 1pm-2pm, Tuesday, October 5th

Former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, will guest on this episode of We Are Not Alone. Listen in when this well-respected American hero recounts being told by eyewitnesses that Roswell was a real UFO incident and we have been visited for perhaps centuries. As to UFOs, Mitchell has said, "It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it."

Female Jazz Instrumentalists Featured on "Saturday Spontaneity" -- 2pm-4pm, Saturday, October 2

If you think the ladies of jazz are all vocalists, tune in to this week's "Saturday Spontaneity." Host Terrence Tyson introduces you to some very talented ladies of jazz who play saxaphone, horn, keys, and much more!

Don't miss this week's jazzy "Saturday Spontaneity" with Terrence Tyson 2pm-4pm.

"The Ruiners" LIVE--on "Motor Live Drive @ 5"--5pm-6pm--Thursday, September 30

"From Detroit USA, The Ruiners are a wild and fantastic beast; pure white lightning & sexy self-destruction. Having endured club bannings, court enforced restraining orders, jail terms, cat fights, bankruptcies, heart attacks, emergency room visits and death threats over the last 10 years, the band is now fresher, sexier & more self-confident then ever with their brand new album "Happy Birthday (BLEEP)!. This 10 song blast of Detroit sleaze has a lot of fuzzed out sounds, primitive drums, mucho sex appeal & greasy bar room grit... and that is what The Ruiners do best." --(Record Label Review)

Listen to "IMPACT" podcast featuring "Dearborn/Dearborn Heights Crop Walk and Church World Services"

If you missed IMPACT on Tuesday, September 28th from 1pm-2pm, you can still listen to the podcast! We featured the Dearborn/Dearborn Heights Crop Walk that is taking place this Sunday, October 3rd. Listen to the podcast to find out more about the event, world hunger, and the main non-profit organization behind Crop Walk, Church World Services. Just click on the "Forum Talk Show" button on our home page, and then click on the podcast for Whfr Forum Podcast for September 28, 2010.

"Three for the Show" on "Saturday Spontaneity" -- 2pm-4pm, September 25

"Three for the Show" is a local band who loves playing all types of good music -- combining musical styles of blues, jazz, old country, rockabilly, polka and the occasional splash of latin beats.

Dearborn's Dan Cannon sings, plays guitar and is also an excellent drummer. He is currently playing Ringo with "The Cavern Beat", a Beatles Tribute Band out of Chicago.

Lawrence plays the upright bass and background vocals. He also loves playing the tambourine.

Dan and Lawrence once worked together at an architectural firm, but their conversations were always about music.

"David Gerald Band"-LIVE!-on "Motor Live Drive @ 5" 5pm-6pm, Thursday, September 23rd

David Gerald started playing guitar at the age of 16 influenced by Prince and 80’s rock guitarists. He rediscovered the blues and listened to the music of Albert King, ZZ Hill, B.B. King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan to name just a few. He performed in many local blues, R&B and rock bands cutting his guitar and vocal chops live and in person. Finding it hard to keep a band together, Gerald learned to play guitar, bass, keys and drums. Using two antiquated cassette recorders he would overdub each part individually until the song was completed.

"Metaphysically Speaking" with astrologer Bon Rose Fine--Tuesday, 1pm-2pm, September 21st

Bon Rose Fine is an astrologer, writer, speaker and consultant who is based in Ypsilanti, MI. She developed an interest in astrology about eighteen years ago when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. On the advice of a friend, she turned to astrologers in order to find answers as to why she had the disease and for questions about life in general. As she explored astrology more, Bon was led down the path to become an astrologer herself. Bon is involved with several organizations, has written many articles and has spoken extensively in regards to astrology.

"Peace Week" Preview on "Saturday Spontaneity" -- 2pm-4pm September 18

Join host Lynn when she welcomes David Ippel and Bill Watt to this week's "Saturday Spontaneity" focused on the Peace Corps.

Lots of Peace Corps stories, great conversation and island and African music make for a wonderful afternoon!

Tune in this Saturday at 2pm!

Coming Up on "The New WHFR Journal"--Friday 1pm-2pm

Friday, September 17, 1PM-2PM

On the first half of the New Whfr Journal, listen to the political views and positions of SCOTTY BOMAN- Libertarian candidate running for Secretary of State in the November 2, 2010 election. Then join us for an interview with EDWARD CHIELENS of Henry Ford Community College to discuss the Technology Communication Certification Program and more!

"The WHITE RAVENS"--LIVE!-- Motor Live Drive @ 5--5pm-6pm Thursday, September 16th


Join us for live interviews and performances of the White Ravens!
Indie rock is a broad category and the White Ravens are warping it even further by schizophrenically combining many styles of music into a single song. According to the band, their genre could be loosely classified as indie pop geek cabaret rock.

Will Bennett - keyboard, guitar, musical composition.

Amy Bennett - vocals, bass, lyrics.

Vince Russo - drums

Andrew Brown - guitar

HFCC Campus Connection--Tuesday 1pm-2pm, September 14th

Be sure to check out what is happening in the upcoming weeks on the campus of HFCC by listening to the "HFCC Campus Connection" 1pm-2pm, Tuesday, September 14. Get up to date on campus activities, student club events, community spirit, and more!

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