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12-03-19: 12 - 1 PM: Tuesday Forum. We Are Not Alone.

Instead of interviewing some expert in Ufology, I thought it only fair to get the perspective of the layman for once. Jennifer Stewart is an instructor at Henry Ford College. She teaches sign language to the deaf and hard of hearing. Outside of her chosen career, she finds the UFO topic of great interest. Studies have shown that the higher the education level of the individual, the more apt they are to accept the fact that we are being visited by a more advanced race of beings.

Thanks to Everyone Who Supported WHFR at Cliff Bell's Last Sunday!

WHFR would like to give it's upmost appreciation to Cliff Bell's for hosting our Jazz Benefit on the 17th of this month, especially to RJ Spangler for his help in finding the musicians to perform and coordinating the event. Also, many thanks to the players that donated their talent that evening. It was a wonderful evening of improvised Jazz, there were many WHFR staff in attendance, and it was a huge success. Here's looking forward to the next one!

This weekend begins our holiday themed old-time shows!

Host Bob Burnham has selected some excellent old time radio shows to get everyone in the holiday spirit. This is what he has planned for this Sunday night at 9pm!

The Mysterious Traveler "Christmas Story" 12/25/1951

Suspense "Yuletide Miracle" 12/17/1961

Escape "Back For Christmas"

Suspense "Twas the Night Before Christmas" `12/21/1953 starring Greer Garson

Devil & Mr O "The Hole" (long running non-holiday show)

Introducing Unlimited Screen Time!

ACTION! Unlimited Screen Time features soundtracks from movies, tv shows, and video games from classic to current, every Saturday from 4-6pm. Your hosts DJ Steph and Mr. Jags offer bonus content that take you behind the scenes with fun facts and songs you may
not have heard before. Requests always welcome! Continue? 3..2..1..

The Schizophonics and Mephiskaphles Tomorrow on Live From Studio J!

The Schizophonics from San Diego (B.2009). Vintage sound for fans of MC5, The Sonics, and the Stooges. New album People in the Sky. Playing The Outer Limits this Friday.

Third wave Ska band Mephiskaphles from NYC (B.1991) New release coming Nov. 15th. playing The Loving Touch Wed, the 13th with The Tellways.

11-05-19: 12 - 1 PM: Tuesday Forum. We Are Not Alone.

UFO researcher and author, Mr. Terry Tibando, discusses his book “Global Evidence of the UFO and ETI presence”. It is the first book in a series of six volumes that was originally written as a single 3500-page treatise entitled "A Citizen's Disclosure on UFOs and ETI". Join us at 12 noon on November 5 th for We Are Not Alone only on WHFR. Remember after the broadcast this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date)

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hope everyone's day is filled with some spookiness!

Of course our DJs have some exciting things cooked up, first thing we have going on is our annual Trick or Treat Grab Bag! Only today can you give us a call (or email) and say, "trick or treat!" and we will send you a little goodie bag. That's all! Just give us a call!

This Week on Live From Studio J!

1) Bethlehem Steel. (Brooklyn NY) Phone Interview- Alternative band playing PJ's Lager House this Thursday.

2) Ricky Rat (Local Garage/Punk Rock legend, most known for The Trash Brats)
In Studio interview and acoustic performance.

3) Warhorses (Local Hard Psych Rock) Members Eric and Kristin. In Studio Interview (New release Shadows of Gold) Playing This Saturday (26th) at Lo-Fi Bar in Ann Arbor.

4) Rasputina (NY) Female led Modern Classical cello rock band. Phone interview. Playing PJ's Wed (30th).

12th Annual WHFR Record Show this SATURDAY!!!

Saturday October 19th, 2019. WHFR will be hosting it's annual record show in the Student Center Building M of Henry Ford College. The show will run from 9 am until 4 pm, and include many returning vendors allowing with some new. Come check out all of the Records/LP's and other music related items.

For more information click the record show banner above or click here.