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We present a special Radio Vault program celebrating radio past and present. We'll listen to The Big Show, another example of NBC's effort to bolster its radio ratings in the 1950s, with television its biggest competitor. Tallulah Bankhead was the host. The show wasn't quite big enough to put television in its place, though. After two seasons NBC cancelled the show with a reported loss of $1 million, despite major sponsorships. The Big Show isn't big enough for us at WHFR's Radio Vault either.
Back for another visit is our friend Ron Robinson, best known for his nearly decade of work on his documentary Radio Daze, the First 101 Years. Ron has worked in radio himself at several stations. He has taught radio and interviewed almost everyone in radio and the music scene, especially in the Detroit area. If you had a favorite DJ or station growing up, you just may hear their behind the scenes stories, along with a re-cap of what went on in the very days. The movie has been released for streaming and there are free trailers available. Get the insight from the man who made it happen and where you can watch it during hour 2 of Tuesday's Radio always, hosted by the Keeper of the Archives, Tuesday, Feb 13 starting at 10AM ET all the way up until 1:00... stream live at or in the Detroit area at 89.3 FM. Stay tuned for news of a downloadable version of Radio Vault.


If you missed us last week, sorry about that, but the Keeper of the Archives is back!
Two episodes of Fibber McGee and Molly from 1946 kick off todays show, along with the Lux Radio Theater presentation of ***Vacation from Marriage*** a comedy drama from the movie of the same name... that and and much more. See you on the radio or the stream 10AM - 1PM ET or 89.3.

Holiday Themed Shows Throughout December

We have so many this year, we're giving you a whole month of vintage radio comedies and mysteries throughout December.
This is on both Radio Vault and Sunday Night Mysteries.

How many times did Jack Benny go shopping for shoelaces (as gifts) or electrocute himself putting up Christmas lights? Quite a few! All the detective and drama shows also had scripts with holiday themes; some with classic stories that started as motion pictures (like A Christmas Carole), but many others had original scripts created just for radio -- not heard until now. Get in the holiday spirit this month with Radio Vault (comedy and variety) every Tuesday 10AM-1PM, Sunday Night Mysteries 9PM to Midnight on WHFR 89.3 and

SEPT 5th: Two Collectables experts coming up

SEPTEMEBER 5'TH: In addition to our usual radio comedy, variety and adventure, we'll catch up with an old friend of WHFR: Dearborn's collectables expert Tom Eurich. As if that wasn't enough, we also bring syndicated "Trash or Treasure" host Tony Hyman to the WHFR air, live from Pismo Beach, California. We'll chat about his favorite radio programs, how he got started collecting cigar boxes, tuning trash into treasure and bringing his passions to the radio himself. The talk segments start at noon, but join us for the usual fun and frivolity starting at 10AM...Making waves as always at 89.3 WHFR.FM.

New live segment coming up December 6th

Two of the most esteemed OTR (old-time radio) people will be on WHFR's "RadioVault Special Edition" live segment at 11AM on Tuesday, December 6th... Ted Davenport and Terry Salomonson, hosted by yours truly The Keeper of the Archives.
Terry and I met more than 40 years ago when we discovered his family lived in the same town in Michigan as mine. Terry had a slideshow of one of the earliest Friends of OTR conventions in Bridgeport, CT. Joe Webb, Bob Burchett and I would meet for the first time at that convention in 1980.
Terry has authored numerous books and knows more about the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and Detroit produced programming than almost anyone.
Ted (one of today's major sources for OTR in beautiful sound quality) and I do an OTR podcast. A third installment will be out soon.
The show airs/streams live on and 89.3FM from Henry Ford College in the Detroit area, Tuesdays 10AM - 1PM ET.
WHFR's Sunday Night Mysteries is a separate show that airs Sundays 9PM-12 Midnight.


Radio Vault continues its comedy with another in the life of OUR MISS BROOKS from 1948.

Is it too early to think about Thanksgiving? The GREAT GILDERSLEEVE thinks not in the annual Thanksgiving show from 1942 starring the Faygo guy, Harold Peary.

Next, did you know a peanut butter company sponsored a radio drama? The SKIPPY HOLLYWOOD THEATER features the comedy drama "A Strange Relationship" in their 300th broadcast.
Next, the late Mandel Kramer (best known for his role in TV soap operas) stars as JOHNNY DOLLAR in the Bee or Not to Bee Matter from 1961.

FINALLY, hour #3 is another sneak peek at our Halloween horror spook-tacular which includes the WEIRD CIRCLE presenatation of "The Haunted Hotel" among other things. It's a preview of the return of WHFR's SUNDAY NIGHT MYSTERIES on October 30th, the night before Halloween.

TUESDAYS - 10AM-1PM et 89.3


In 1945, a little known radio show, SEEMS RADIO IS HERE TO STAY was heard over the CBS Network. This was on the 25th anniversary of the medium 77 years ago. The script (one of his earliest) is by the legendary writer Norman Corwin. You'll hear this show in its entirety on the upcoming RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION.

We also continue our OUR MISS BROOKS comedy series which made its debut in 1948...Highly rated on both radio and television, Eve Arden (Eunice Quedens 1908-1990) won the role over Shirley Booth. Arden would own the role right through its transition to television which lasted until 1957.

OUR MISS BROOKS was a beloved English teacher at Madison High School. Mr. Conkin, the Principal (Gale Gordon -- best known for his character on the Lucy TV show) was her arch rival. Brooks also flirts with the science teacher, Mr. Boynton.
Richard Crenna plays Walter Denton, one her students.

THAT, AND MUCH MORE on next weeks RADIO VAULT EXTRAVAGANZA, 3 jam packed hours Tuesday 10AM-1PM ET WHFR 89.3 and streamed at


In 1945, a little known radio show, SEEMS RADIO IS HERE TO STAY was heard over the CBS Network. This was on the 25th anniversary of the medium 77 years ago. The script (one of his earliest) is by the legendary writer Norman Corwin. You'll hear this show in its entirety on the upcoming RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION.

We also continue our OUR MISS BROOKS comedy series which made its debut in 1948...Highly rated on both radio and television, Eve Arden (Eunice Quedens 1908-1990) won the role over Shirley Booth. Arden would own the role right through its transition to television which lasted until 1957.

OUR MISS BROOKS was a beloved English teacher at Madison High School. Mr. Conkin, the Principal (Gale Gordon -- best known for his character on the Lucy TV show) was her arch rival. Brooks also flirts with the science teacher, Mr. Boynton.
Richard Crenna plays Walter Denton, one her students.

THAT, AND MUCH MORE on next weeks RADIO VAULT EXTRAVAGANZA, 3 jam packed hours Tuesday 10AM-1PM ET WHFR 89.3 and steamed at


We continue with another from the Great Gildersleeve series. We'll be hearing one of the earliest episodes from 1941 where Gildy is just leaving Wistful Vista. Gildersleeve had been a character on Fibber McGee & Molly and takes a new job as water commissioner of Summerfield. Harold Peary is in his original role. Peary is best known perhaps on the singing Faygo TV commercials in Detroit area and also featured in some of the films.

Next, zany man Jerry Lewis, best known for his many years as spokesman for Muscular Dystrophy. In the early days, he had a comedy partner, the singer, Dean Martin. Jerry & Dean join Bing Crosby in a little known 1951 episode of The Bing Crosby Show.

Hour 2 features a fun-filled Lux Radio Theatre presentation of "Johnny Apollo" with a star studded cast based on the 1941 film. It stars Dorothy Lamour, Burgess Meredith & Edward Arnold. This was the episode they talked about on last weeks Lux show.

We always save the best for last, and for hour #3, you'll have to tune in! RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION Tuesdays 10AM-1PM ET stream at 89.3 on your FM hosted by yours truly, the keeper of the archives!


In our never ending quest for stuff that is unusual, interesting and entertaining (pick one!), this weeks show is no exception.
We kick it off with the only ventriloquist act that was actually successful on radio. We speak of Edgar Bergen and his very wacky dummies, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd in a show from 1945.
Singer Rosemary Clooney then joins Dennis Day in the first episode of his comedy variety show from 1954. Dennis was also a cast member on Jack Benny's show on both radio & TV.
Jack Benny's supposed arch enemy was Fred Allen (They were actually friends in real life). Fred was famous for his political humor and visits with characters on "Allen's Alley." When Fred passed away in 1956, NBC's "BIOGRAPHY" dedicated a show to him, with many clips. We'll hear that entire show from 1956.

Finally, saving the REALLY curious stuff for last, we take a listen to an unusual drama "Report on ESP" from the "CBS Radio Workshop" also from 1956. All that plus much much less with "the keeper of the archives..." See you on the radio! **** RADIO VAULT 10AM-1PM ET 89.3 streamed at ***


In 1946, there was a contest called "I Can't Stand Jack Benny" where listeners could write in describing WHY they couldn't stand Jack Benny. It was a tremendous success. The show gave away prizes amounting to $10,000 in "war bonds" The reality was in the ratings, Benny was always among the top 5 most listened to shows and beloved comedians. We hear that show on todays RADIO VAULT from 01/27/1946, followed by the daytime drama, THE DOCTOR'S WIFE. Our middle hour features a lesser known show YOUR PLAYHOUSE OF FAVORITES. In two parts, it's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Finally (the best for last) since you loved GUNSMOKE so much, another action charged episode -- in fact, TWO back to back consecutive GUNSMOKE shows from 1956, "Bringing Down Father" and "The Man Who Would Be Marshal" As always, with William Conrad, Parley Baer, Howard McNear and Georgia Ellis and the usual cast of CBS professionals. See you on the radio Tuesday 10AM-1PM ET RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION, WHFR.FM 89.3


Long before Bob Barker became a game show host and also hosted Truth or Consequences on TV, the producer of that show Ralph Edwards, hosted THIS IS YOUR LIFE. On this weeks Radio Vault we hear the last show of the 1949 season reviewing all their past shows. On another fun show, we learn why kite flying in October is a bad idea in the 1943 broadcast of THE ALDRICH FAMILY.
Finally, we hear three examples of first rate Adult Westerns from competing networks CBS and NBC: The Six Shooter starring James Stewart, Luke Slaughter of Tombstone produced by William N. Robson for CBS (best known for his work on Suspense). We always save the best for last: It's GUNSMOKE starring William Conrad, best known as TV's private eye "Cannon" and "Jake and the Fat Man." Conrad owned and helped shape the role of Marshall Matt Dillon on radio, but was not selected for the TV version because of his physical appearance. Along with Conrad, a cast of hard-core radio professionals including Parley Baer. Baer is best known as "The Keebler Elf" on television. Georgia Ellis as "Kitty" and Howard McNear as "Doc." RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION is 3 jam-packed hours of information and entertainment you won't want to miss. TUESDAYS 10AM-1PM ET on the station making waves...WHFR.FM 89.3


At the age of 88, radio-TV actress Gloria McMillian passed away this past week. She is probably best known for her role as Harriet Conklin on the Eve Arden comedy OUR MISS BROOKS. opposite Richard Crenna. "Brooks" was a long running hit on both radio and television and some 150 episodes of the radio show exist. We sample one on Tuesday's RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION, followed by a wartime episode of FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY. That plus, a BOB HOPE Dragnet spoof with Jack Webb and two back-to-back episodes of DRAGNET...(the first time we've featured a police adventure in the earlier time slot). Tuesday 1/25 10AM-2PM ET 89.3 on your dial in our local area. Suggestions for future shows are always welcome at the CONTACT page on!


While another station in town produced their own version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, we found a version hardly anyone knew existed! The actor who played Sherlock Holmes on both radio and film (Basil Rathbone), was featured back in 1935 and we'll have it for you on Tuesday's show of 12/21. That plus popular bandleader FRED WARING who did "The Night Before Christmas" on his show back in 1948. Also, in 1940, film star Mickey Rooney was featured in a holiday broadcast as "YOUNG TOM EDITION" on THE LUX RADIO THEATER. We'll also have "A Yuletide Miracle" from a 1961 SUSPENSE show. That plus a surprise or two if you check out our pre-Christmas on 12/21...Radio Vault Special Edition 10AM-1PM Tuesdays, on the station still making waves



Don't miss our show on Tuesday 11/30 (10AM-1PM ET)

Those of you listening to our live stream are lucky, indeed!
Did early radio feature music on the air along with comedy and drama?? Yes it did, but it's not the DJ style of shows you're used to.

We present a full hour of wartime programming including a ONE NIGHT STAND episode featuring Duke Ellington. Follow that up with shows featuring The Modernaires (Glenn Miller's vocal group) along with Martha Stuart.

HOUR 2 features 2 consecutive episodes of DUFFY'S TAVERN ("where the elite meet to eat")...and finally, to get you in the spirit or the season...

HOUR 3 is Bing Crosby on PHILCO RADIO TIME and the ever-popular Christmas show from from 1947, but we always save the very best for last:

The cast of RICHARD DIAMOND PRIVATE DETECTIVE do a touching recreation of the Scrooge classic "A Christmas Carol" heard back in 1951. It was completely re-written for this show. It features Dick Powell narrating and an all-star cast of radio greats playing the various roles. Check the stream out on your smart phone or comnputer while our FM signal is on hiatus. All content is digitally tweaked as always.... RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION Tuesdays 10AM-1PM ET



In this timeslot we usually keep it light & lively and our Tuesday 11/16 show is no exception! We're back to 3 jam-packed hours of entertainment & information.
We kick it off first with a rare recording given to us by Detroit radio & education icon, Dick Kernen before he passed away last year. It's part 1 of the 1966 narrative hosted by Jack Benny...."Benny presents the Golden Years of Radio," featuring tons of show clips and routines! As if that wasn't enpough, it's FOUR (count 'em, FOUR!) consecutive episodes of Jack Benny from 1948 including the Walking Man contest, Your Money or Your Life and The Benny Printing Press. RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION 10AM-1PM ET...Stream it at or tune in 89.3


COMING TUESDAY 11/02/2021....The Radio Vault program itself, has a very long history before it arrived at "the station making waves!" On this installment, we'll have the usual festivities including another episode of MOVIETOWN RADIO THEATER as well as another case to be solved by "MR. CHAMELEON" starring Karl Swenson. Joining us on our live studio line, however, is someone who is no stranger to radio. He was actually alive when these shows were being broadcast on network radio, but his biggest contribution was as host of Collector's Corner on another Detroit radio station. Longtime Dearborn resident and new member of the WHFR family, Tom Eurich will join us on on our live studio line. We'll talk radio, collectables and how Radio Vault came to the Detroit area in 1988. The festivities start at 10:00 AM, Tom joins us at 12:00 Noon ET.... stream it at, or tune in 89.3


Around this time of year (Halloween), people are recalling (and re-playing) Orson Welles radio drama from more than 80 years ago called The War of the Worlds. This H.G. Wells drama presented on his Mercury Theater series aired on CBS. The series did continue on after that "martian invasion" broadcast, and this weeks Radio Vault Special Edition features the Mercury Theater show from the week AFTER War of the Worlds... Two complete dramas were presented back on 11/6/1938. We'll hear them in their entirety. Along with that, a very special broadcast of The Lux Radio Theater, a drama called "Young Tom Edison" from 1940 about the boyhood misadventures of the famous inventor.
FINALLY, while comedian and film star Danny Kaye was entertaining troops overseas, he had his friend Jack Benny fill in for him. Jack brought his entire cast to "the other network" just for Danny. We'll hear that show also from 1945. That and as always MUCH MUCH LESS on this weeks Radio Vault....10 AM - 1 PM ET Tuesday 10/26 on WHFR the station making waves at 89.3...streaming at


When the Detroit area version of Radio Vault started in the late 1980s, probably 75% of the content we bring you today didn't exist!

Two stories from classic literature that aired back in 1946 on YOUR PLAYHOUSE OF FAVORITES The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Unhappy Adventure by Charles Jack Benny joins Bing Crosby on Philco Radio Time from 1948.

IS IT TOO EARLY TO THINK ABOUT THANKSGIVING? Join the ALDRRICH FAMILY for this November 1952 turkey broadcast......

Finally, one of the most popular detective shows: Howard Duff stars in the ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE...two consecutive episodes from 1948 The Mad Scientist Caper and The Dry Martini Caper. That and much much less!

RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION 10AM - 1PM Tuesday on the station making waves, WHFR


Radio Vault Special Edition is special for two reasons: The first reason is the 'Vault brings you audio in part, that has only recently been found and converted to digital as well as tons of old favorites that have been cultivated, organized and re-processed recently with the latest restoration tools. The second reason is YOU, our loyal WHFR listeners.

With this weeks program (10/5/2021), we bring you VARIETY in the Sealtest Variety Theater. Two of the shows that were always fighting for the #1 spot in the ratings were Jack Benny and Fibber McGee & Molly, yet these legendary people still found time to appear on other radio programs (besides their own). We present TWO examples of the series hosted by the film legend, Dorothy Lamour in THE SEALTEST VARIETY THEATER.

Second on tap, is a quiz show hosted by "radio's bad boy" who also appeared on television game shows, Henry Morgan. Henry and his panel of celebrities are featured in an apparently unscripted zany show called SEZ WHO from 1958.

FINALLY, episodes of both radio's SAM SPADE with Howard Duff and more of YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR for you detective fans.

RADIO VAULT SPECIAL EDITION - Tuesdays 10AM-1:00 PM ET 89.3 on the FM, on the stream.


You can now hang with us an extra hour as Radio Vault Special Edition expands to 3 jam-packed hours of "stuff" you can't hear anywhere else starting on September 28th. It's now on 10AM-1:00PM. This week we feature radio private eyes.
Johnny Dollar was an insurance investigator with an expense account. The show aired on the CBS Radio Network. It was the last network drama, along with Suspense, to air on network radio from the so-called golden era of broadcasting.
Beloved by collectors today, we have already presented random episodes of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.
Following a 1-week hiatus, on Tuesday, 9/28/2021 we present several consecutive episodes of Johnny Dollar from the last year it was on the air (1962). It stars the former TV soap star from "The Edge of Night," Mandel Kramer in the title role.
As he says when he teases an upcoming episode, "Join us, won't you!"

Introduction to Radio Vault Special Edition

Radio Vault actually began on a Dallas based satellite network more than 30 years ago. Soon after, we brought it to two Detroit area stations where it gained even more personality. In 2018, the 'Vault arrived at WHFR. The concept is we don't just play the hits -- we tell you about them -- rebroadcasts of programming from the 1930s to early 1960s that you probably have never heard before. It's also not merely nostalgia -- it's entertainment and information. You'll hear a mix of comedies, light dramas and detective shows of the past interspersed with smooth jazz and fusion music.
For the current morning incarnation, we keep it mostly light and lively. We reserved the hard core mysteries and ghost stories, for evening time slots. For several months we also presented WHFR's Sunday Night Mysteries. We may bring it back at some point.