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Toby Jenkins Island of Terror
Hayley Mary Fall in Love with Hayley Mary
L.A.B. L.A.B V

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Classical 24


01/20/2022 - 8:00pm
Classical 24

FM Signal Update

WHFR Loyal Listeners,

Great news! Today we took the first steps to being back on the air at full strength on 89.3FM. After our new antenna was installed on our tower this afternoon, we notice a significant improvement in our FM signal. That means you can once again enjoy our carefully-crafted independent, non-commercial programming near and (somewhat) far from the campus of Henry Ford College.

Hotwax Radio Celebrates MLK Day

Hotwax radio would like to invite you this Sunday 1-16-22, commemorating Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday in music and song. Set your reminder for 7:00pm and enjoy 2 hours of seldom heard music celebrating the wonderful life of Martin Luther King Jr. from your DJ the White Rabbit.

Listener Survey

If you didn't get a chance to fill out our survey we issued to gauge your feedback about what we are doing, here's another chance to let us know how we are doing and what we can do to improve.
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WHFR Journal January 7th

HFC President Russ Kavalhuna's "State of the College" on the WHFR Journal

The WHFR Journal will provide coverage of HFC President Kavalhuna's annual State of the College address on Friday, January 7 at 1pm. While of particular interest to the campus community, the address is always open and of interest to all members of the public. This year's topics discussed include:

  • Mourning the loss of teammates Tamika Hister and John McDonald, and remembering them
  • Welcoming new teammates, and wishing our retirees well

We Are Not Alone - Monday, January 3, 2022. 2 – 3 PM EST.

Terry Tibando is a long-time researcher, ET experiencer and author whose knowledge on this phenomenon spans 68 years. Terry coordinated the first Disclosure Project event in Canada as part of Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Witness Tour. Join us when Terry discusses his personal ET experiences as well as his extensive writings on the subject.
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