Spirits Rejoice

  • Tuesday 6-10pm
Avant New & Classic Jazz and Improvised Musics

SPIRITS REJOICE is now into its 23rd year, originating in 1993, a week before the death of Sun Ra. The focus has been been mainly
on what is considered the avant-garde in jazz and improvised music. Both new and classic recordings are featured weekly with an
emphasis on new recordings. You may hear current artists such as William Parker, Hamid Drake, Myra Melford and Ken Vandermark
as well as classic artists such as John Coltrane, Sun Ra and Ornette Coleman. Each week may feature an in depth look at an artist
on their birthday or a retrospective after their passing. You may also hear selected classic recordings from the old blues and early rock
artists if the occasion is right (mainly in the first hour of the program).

Current new recordings of interest as of October 1 include:
Henry Threadgill - Poof - on Pi Recordings
Paula Shocron/William Parker/Paolo Diaz - El Templo - on Astral Spirits
Amir ElSaffar - The Other Shore - on Out There Records
Borderlands Trio - Wanderspehere - on Intakt Records