WHFR Family Tree

The WHFR Family Tree is the station's most ambitious ongoing fundraiser to date. The Tree is proudly displayed next to the WHFR station entrance in the HFC Student Center as proof of support from the unique efforts of all WHFR members, both past and present. Our goal is to have any person who's been touched in some way by WHFR (alumni, listeners, station officers, DJs, underwriters) be recognized by a leaf on our Tree, becoming an official part of the WHFR Family.

Once purchased, you select the inscription you'd like to have placed on a brass leaf that gets added to the branches, helping the Family Tree grow and flourish. Your participation in the WHFR Family Tree campaign helps everyone involved at WHFR to continue our mission.

Family Tree leaf purchase (which includes inscription): $250

For more donation opportunities visit the WHFR RADIOTHON page.