Latest Arrivals to Our Music Library

Hello Loyal Listeners,

WHFR continues to broadcast our Classical satellite feed while HFC does everything possible to maintain the safety of students, faculty and staff on campus, which means our DJs can’t quite yet get into the station. However, we are still receiving plenty of music from great independent artists. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect to hear when the DJs get back behind the board!:

The Ludlow Mansion - Glitter & Milk - Isolation and boredom suck, but as musicians who own computers, they had a hack for both problems. They started recording tracks and passing them around to each other. "I Was Metal" was the first of these. There was no rehearsal, no charts, not even a Zoom call. But, in an instant, they had created their own online music factory that forged lyrics and chords into finished songs. Now, they have our debut album, Glitter & Milk -- and our long weekend has now become a lot longer

JImpavid Colossus - Prologue - Impavid Colossus is a Brazilian band from São Paulo with many different influences. Breaking the barriers of genres by mixing punk rock with grunge, hard rock and metal, always emphasizing harmony. The music is fast, strong, aggressive, brutal and at the same time captivating, tailored to strike a unique balance.

Bryan Away - Canyons to Sawdust -Canyons to Sawdust showcases Elliot Korte's skill of composition in addition to intense storytelling and poetic lyricism

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward “Making Waves” in person as soon as possible!