Latest Arrivals to Our Music Library

Hello Loyal Listeners,

WHFR continues to broadcast our Classical satellite feed while HFC does everything possible to maintain the safety of students, faculty and staff on campus, which means our DJs can’t quite yet get into the station. However, we are still receiving plenty of music from great independent artists. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect to hear when the DJs get back behind the board!:

Dad Sports - "gf haircut" - Dad Sports is a three piece bedroom pop band formed in the early hours of the morning, exploring the Ottawa suburbs with only friendship and music to guide them. The band's sound is notably lo-fi and soft, yet equally high energy and emotionally potent. The group sets themselves apart by their use of electronic drum machines and softly layered vocals to create a warm and nostalgic sound.

Jordana - Something To Say To You - It’s been quite the year for Jordana. In March Grand Jury re-issued her sleeper debut Classical Notions of Happiness. Then the world abruptly fell apart. Using the time she would have spent touring in support of the album, she quickly turned around a batch of new material that radically expanded on the homespun bedroom pop of her debut. The result is Something To Say To You, a monumental leap for the 20-year-old Kansas-based songwriter.

Moondial - The Last Cartographer - Moondial is an electronic art-rock / new wave band formed in 2017 and based in Dallas. The band consists of two members, John Chapman doing vocals, guitar, keys and programming and Tony LoBianco doing vocals, bass, guitar.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward “Making Waves” in person as soon as possible!