Latest Arrivals to our Music Library

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Summer Thieves - Paradise Down The Road Remixed

This nine-track remix album is produced by an array of local & international artists who weave seamlessly through deep house, dub, jungle & trap with a hint of disco for good measure.

Tired Tape Machine - Think

Growing up in a small town called Skövde in the south of Sweden, Petter Lindhagen started his first band at the age of 10, recording songs on cassettes every weekend with his 2 best friends, using a casio keyboard and an acoustic guitar. Petter later moved to Stockholm and a friend gave him a cracked version of a music program and Petter started to record songs on his own, which was the beginning of what would later become Tired Tape Machine.

Kellarissa - Voice Leading

Kellarissa offers redemption to lost souls searching for meaning in dark places. Voice Leading, her fourth full-length album with Mint Records, is a vulnerable, self-realized ode to female desire, regret, shame, self compassion, and cautious healing.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Crystal Eyes - The Sweetness Restored

Recorded at Montreal's Breakglass Studios, The Sweetness Restored contains thoughtful attention to musical detail thanks to the talented team of artists behind the project. And with the beautiful, warm tones of the Neve console, it's at once a unique sound, but one that feels comfortingly familiar.

Morgan Harper-Jones - While You Lay Sound Asleep

As a kid, Harper-Jones loved performing and writing melodramatic lyrics to belt out atop her keyboard’s demo settings, but it never occurred to her that she might become a musician one day. A good portion of her family were entertainers, playing in cover bands and performing at weddings, and songwriting was an integral part of their everyday life.

The Districts - Great American Painting

Great American Painting, the fifth full-length from The Districts, is the rare album that shines a bright light on all that’s wrong in the world but somehow still channels a galvanizing sense of hope.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Weather Station - How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars

How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars is intended to be heard as a companion piece to Ignorance; songs written at the same time that connect thematically and emotionally, songs that reveal the vulnerability at the heart of the body of work.

VHS Collection - Night Drive

Night Drive is a return to one of the simple, critical pieces of our lived experience via driving drums, stratospheric synths, soaring vocals, and anthemic choruses built to sprint through the night sky.

Blue J - A Sign Of Good Luck

Written in the wake of a long-term relationship ending, the album offers a peek into Justin McLellan’s (lead singer) psyche as he learns to spend more time with himself and learns to find hope in new beginnings.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Thing With Feathers - Sundays In The South

The Thing With Feathers is an alt-rock, pop and dance enigma, fueled by 4 of Nashville’s favorite fools: Dave Welcsh (vocals and guitar), Sean Carroll (bass), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar) and Chris Roussell (drums).

Longboat - Out of Place

Instead of the jeering pop that has powered so many albums in the past, you get an ambiently dark collection of songs that slowly unfolds and yields no easy answers. The tunes all center around living and creating in a place that is unconducive to artistic ventures.

Foxes - The Kick

The Kick is Foxes’ first album in over five years. Serving as a form of escapism, the record was written and recorded via zoom with producer Ghost Culture during the height of the pandemic.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Empty Pockets - Tanglewoods

In 2015, The Empty Pockets released their debut full-length album, The Ten Cent Tour, entering both the Billboard Indie and Heatseekers charts for the first time. With the 2017 release of Voices, The Empty Pockets entered a particularly prolific period with four Billboard-charting independent albums, releasing a holiday EP, Snow Day, in 2018, followed a year later by a new studio album, Tanglewoods, and then the live concert album, Live in Seattle.

Ghostly Kisses - Heaven, Wait

All the songs on Heaven, Wait talk at some point about a transition or a relationship Margaux Sauvé had to work on, not wanting to be stuck in a situation forever. Whilst the story of the album is an intensely personal journey, it’s the first time we find Margaux writing about excitement and desire. We also hear her develop as an artist with liberating songs that can be danced to amongst the darker, more melodramatic songs she has built her name on.

Alcopops - Devil

Alcopops is the latest project from Portland punk veterans, singer-songwriter Leland Brehl and drummer Ben Burwell, joined by new bassist Simon Miller. Last year, on the eve of the pandemic, the duo released their debut LP Simulator, a sterling collection of noisy power pop indebted to Superdrag, Yuck, and the entire Creation Records catalog. The group’s Devil EP delivers on the promise set by Simulator, and fortunately comes at a more opportune time.