Latest Arrivals to our Music Library

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Moonchild Sanelly - Phases

Moonchild Sanelly's Phases’ 19 tracks document the varying chapters of a toxic relationship and subsequent freedom. A double album, the first side is a journey through the relationship with production reflecting those different moods and aspects of her personality; the second side, meanwhile, leads into a clubbier Amapiano space.

Oscar and The Wolf - Afterglow

The songs on Afterglow have a more playful, even more raw vibe. Less concerned about petty details, more about the general vibe and fun feeling of creating new music

Praises - In This Year: Hierophant

Praises returns with a full band and their second studio album In This Year: Hierophant. Through instinct, talent and of course, blind luck, Praises harnessed their sound through the course of the pandemic, leaning into the creative spirit and a recording process reminiscent of a Bad Seeds project, key players wrote their parts from only a demo track and a feeling.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Empty Pockets - Tanglewoods

In 2015, The Empty Pockets released their debut full-length album, The Ten Cent Tour, entering both the Billboard Indie and Heatseekers charts for the first time. With the 2017 release of Voices, The Empty Pockets entered a particularly prolific period with four Billboard-charting independent albums, releasing a holiday EP, Snow Day, in 2018, followed a year later by a new studio album, Tanglewoods, and then the live concert album, Live in Seattle.

Ghostly Kisses - Heaven, Wait

All the songs on Heaven, Wait talk at some point about a transition or a relationship Margaux Sauvé had to work on, not wanting to be stuck in a situation forever. Whilst the story of the album is an intensely personal journey, it’s the first time we find Margaux writing about excitement and desire. We also hear her develop as an artist with liberating songs that can be danced to amongst the darker, more melodramatic songs she has built her name on.

Alcopops - Devil

Alcopops is the latest project from Portland punk veterans, singer-songwriter Leland Brehl and drummer Ben Burwell, joined by new bassist Simon Miller. Last year, on the eve of the pandemic, the duo released their debut LP Simulator, a sterling collection of noisy power pop indebted to Superdrag, Yuck, and the entire Creation Records catalog. The group’s Devil EP delivers on the promise set by Simulator, and fortunately comes at a more opportune time.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

L.A.B. - L.A.B. V

The new album has once again been recorded at the band’s home of the Surgery Studios in Wellington with Dr Lee Prebble, with the studio helping bring out the nostalgia-tinged sound to the release. Recorded in between sell-out arena shows and lockdown periods, the recording process again saw the band living in the studio for weeks on end, with drummer Brad Kora heading up the production team of Prebble & bassist Ara Adams-Tamatea.

Hayley Mary - Fall in Love with Hayley Mary

Co-produced by Hayley and Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy) during Melbourne’s most recent lockdown, ‘Fall In Love’ (the single) is a dirty Motown-esque love song with contemporary lyricism. A triumphantly uplifting tune that is undeniable to anyone who has ever wanted to fall in love.

Toby Jenkins - Island of Terror

Island of Terror was recorded over a number years and in a variety of studios, bedrooms and backrooms. It draws on such disparate musical threads as Giorgio Moroder, Serge Gainsbourg, Chopin, Steve Vai, Wendy Carlos and Syd Barret. It’s a record that weaves fantastical tales with the real, leaving the listener perplexed and enthralled in equal measure.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Pick A Piper - Sea Steps

Sea Steps closes out with neo-classical beat-driven “Athens”, an elegantly layered composition that hosts the collaborative musicianship of Laura Bates on Violin and Steve Ward on Trombone.

Laurie Larson - Story Road

Multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Laurie Larson is releasing her fourth studio album, Story Road.Laurie plays bass, violin, guitar, keys & sings her way through each chapter of Story Road.

Infinite Coles - Destiny

Stepping out into his own spotlight, NYC-based singer, actor, model, dancer and artist Infinite Coles releases his debut EP Destiny. A powerful first offering from the singer-songwriter, Destiny has a dual meaning for Infinite, who named the EP after his late twin sister. The project is centered around Infinite’s reclamation of his individual destiny and the manifestation of his late sister’s soul that lives within him and has inspired the unique artist we see emerge today.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Abby Sage - Fears Of Yours & Mine

Like many songwriters, Abby started playing at an early age, writing and recording tracks with her musician dad, as well as accompanying him to all his gigs. By the start of high school, she was beginning to post her music to soundcloud in secret — that is until she accidentally released a track publicly. It was a few years later she connected with a group of producers and "Fears Of Yours & Mine" became her latest single.

John Denicola - She Said

John DeNicola, after some five decades in the recording industry, the award-winning songwriter and producer made his first solo album The Why Because as an artist in 2019 which spawned a top 20 AC hit with his version of “Hungry Eyes." She Said was conceived and created for one voice, one-touch, and one heart: his own.

Slack Times - At The Blue Melon Rendezvous

Slack Times is a jangle pop recording project from Birmingham, AL. They recorded their first batch of songs—an EP titled Up Here—in November 2020 at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, Mississippi with Matt Patton. They released the EP in spring 2021, and, soon after, started writing and recording a new set of songs for a follow-up release entitled, At the Blue Melon Rendezvous.