Classical 24

  • Sunday 12-10am
  • Monday 12am-12pm
  • Tuesday 12-10am
  • Wednesday 12-10am
  • Thursday 12-10am
  • Friday 12-10am
  • Saturday 12-10am

Classical 24 is a syndicated, satellite-delivered public radio service providing classical music to its carrying stations, including WHFR-FM. It was co-created by a partnership between Minnesota Public Radio and Public Radio International to fulfill the need for a comprehensive classic music service for stations to supplement their schedules. As part of this partnership, the service is produced by American Public Media and distributed by Public Radio Exchange.

Unlike most mainstream classical music stations, Classical 24 adheres to a "clock" that typically consists of one or two short selections at the beginning of the hour, followed by a longer work such as a symphony, and then a short piece or two to close the hour. A brief pre-recorded "sound bite" interview with the composer, conductor, or soloist of the next piece is sometimes played immediately prior to the piece, as an introduction. Classical 24 employs live hosts around the clock instead of using voice tracking. There are no identifications given to the listener that they are listening to Classical 24, except by WHFR, as the local Detroit affiliate. WHFR is proud to air Classical 24 for our listeners.