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Tonights show includes a twin spin as we take a listen to Jack Webb in two more consecutive DRAGNET broadcasts. We also have the MOLLE MYSTERY THEATER which was originally sponsored by a shave cream. If you missed our William Conrad show, we have much more of his work in tonights show: A twin spin of GUNSMOKE, featuring Conrad, and a host of professional CBS actors, GUNSMOKE was the most famous (and beloved) adult western. It was actually more like a dramatic series with extensively developed characters. They produced hundreds of episodes long after television was commanding the public's attention. No one could compare to Conrad's interpretation of the lead character even after GUNSMOKE made it successfully to TV (without the radio cast).
Finally, the SUSPENSE show in which Conrad played ALL the roles: An eerie tale called The Waxwork broadcast in 1956 on CBS. Tonight, tune in 1 hour early while HISTORY NOTES is still on vacation as we present the lighter side of radio in The Best of Radio Vault from our Tuesday shows. Tonight 9:00-12:00 Midnight EDT 89.3 FM in the Detroit area, whfr.fm on the stream. See you on the radio.


You know the voice if you ever watched a Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon or old enough to remember his role as a TV detective in Cannon or Jake and the Fatman. It's estimated, though, that he played some 7,500 roles in radio! That included narrator of the CBS series Escape and as Marshall Matt Dillon on radio's Gunsmoke...but that's not all! On WHFR's Sunday Night Mysteries, you'll hear Conrad arguing with the Director (in character) on CBS Radio Workship's "A Matter of Logic." You'll hear him introducing Ray Bradbury's "Mars is Heaven" and finally as part of a tense Suspense show, "The Man Who Threw Acid" from 1956. Televison had already won the public over in the 1950s, but CBS Radio was still producing great radio drama. You'll hear it as always on Sunday 6/04/23 starting at 9PM ET on WHFR'S Sunday Night Mysteries. 89.3 in the Detroit area or whfr.fm on your streaming device.


It's not just nostalgia, it's hard core entertainment -- the proverbial Theater of the Mind...
We join Jack Webb for another real-life Dragnet police adventure to start tonights show (04/30/2023), followed by a triple play of Suspense. This includes a Suspense show that supposedly never aired, but had various titles as it was presented over the years more than once with different actors... A Murderous Revision was recorded on 10/13/1951 with Howard Duff. Duff was best known as radio's Sam Spade, Detective. In this show, he plays a radio writer, tired of being disrespected who produces a real life radio show in which he plans to finish off his director.
Tonights Mysteries ends with another creepy installment of Anton M. Leader's Murder At Midnight which airs on WHFR just before midnight.
It's WHFR'S SUNDAY NIGHT MYSTERIES 10pm-12 Midnight ET WHFR 89.3 or whfr.fm on your digital device.


On this weekend's Sunday Night Mysteries, we feature a series never heard on WHFR: The ADVENTURES OF FRANK RACE was heard toward the end of radio's dramatic years. The series was sort of cross between a detective adventure and James Bond, with plenty of action and intrigue. It was syndicated meaning it was distributed to stations on an individual basis. Less than 50 shows were produced between 1949 and 1950.
Also on tonight's show, the next in the series of the MR. CHAMELEON police adventure, along with a JOHNNY DOLLAR and SUSPENSE tale that we have not broadcast on previous shows. Finally we'll (as usual) invite you to dim your lights for a ghost story or two. Will it be INNER SANCTUM? Will it be THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER? or will it be HERMIT'S CAVE which originated in Detroit? Tune in Sunday April 9th 9PM-Midnight ET (Advanced) to find out. WHFR 89.3 in Dearborn-Detroit...whfr.fm on your streaming device.


Tonight's WHFR Sunday Night Mystery program will feature SIX different programs of semi-related nature. Here's the rundown:
DRAGNET The Big Deal (1955)
FIRST NIGHTER Mystery of the Chinese Gong (1944)
MR. CHAMELEON The Forbidden Marriage Murder Case (1949)
THE WHISTLER The Hangtree Affair (1949)
HALL OF FANTASY The Twisting Weeds of Death (1954)
INNER SANCTUM No Rest For the Dead (1950)
The show is inspired by Detroit radio personality and former TV host, Warren Pierce, who in the early 1970s, hosted a somewhat similar program on Sunday nights. Pierce in fact, inspired a career.
WHFR Sunday Mysteries show is exclusive and heard nowhere else, originating from the campus of Henry Ford College, Dearborn Michigan... 89.3 FM Dearborn-Detroit, or whfr.fm on your streaming device... 9PM-Midnight.


It's the middle of January already (can you believe it!?), and we're not slowing down. Get ready for a couple of police adventures as we join Mr. Chameleon for another case, along with Joe Friday for that police drama with one of the most famous openings (DRAGNET). For those of who think it's still Halloween, we again give you a chance to turn OFF your lights. We are featuring two more INNER SANCTUM MYSTERIES episodes with Raymond your host (both from 1945). Finally, a full hour of MURDER AY MIDNIGHT directed by Anton M. Leader, who had also worked on SUSPENSE at one time. It's 3 hours of anything mysterious will do -- on WHFR'S SUNDAY NIGHT MYSTERIES, 1/15/2023 -- hosted by The Keeper of the Archives on WHFR 9PM-Midnight ET...89.3 in the Detroit area...whfr.fm on your streaming device.


TONIGHTS WHFR Sunday Mysteries, a triple threat of INNER SANCTUM featuring Raymond Edward Johnson, the original creepy host...followed by ESCAPE...3 Skeleton Key with Vincent Price (that story about the rats in the lighthouse).
Finally, a double dose of SUSPENSE A Murderous Revision...the Howard Duff version (much later with Raymond Burr, retitled Murder on Mike). The Duff version supposedly never aired.
Finally, (also from SUSPENSE) Elliott Reid in Return Trip -- the story of a bus caught in an avalanche -- and "Killer Greg" may be one of the passengers.
TONIGHT, 9PM - 12 MIDNIGHT ET. whfr.fm 89.3 on the FM dial in the Detroit area.


On this weeks show (November 20), another 3 hours of "anything dramatic or mysterious will do."
BEFORE COVID, we ran ran a superhero series called THE PLANET MAN. On this weeks show, we go back to the early 50s, for a similar show that ran on both radio & TV...TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET.

In 1993, we re-united the TOM CORBETT cast at the Friends of Old-Time Radio convention for a recreation and meet and greet. Jackson Beck, the original announcer for SUPERMAN also did TOM CORBETT along with other characters. We'll be hearing "The Space Station of Danger" on Sunday.

Along with that another pair of DRAGNET episodes, followed by two more tales to keep you in SUSPENSE. That includes one with Jack Benny (believe it or not) as a martian in PLAN X...
All hosted live from the WHFR studios at Henry Ford College.
WHFR'S SUNDAY NIGHT MYSTERIES 9PM-12:00 MIDNIGHT ET on 89.3 and streamed at whfr.fm


Featured on our November 13 show are six tales of detective adventures.
All are from the CBS Network.

We start with a series that has only become available during the past couple years and had been extremely rare previously. Now we have over 40 episodes. MR. CHAMELEON is the police officer who uses disguises to trap criminals played by Joseph Kearns.

Following that, we feature another show that actually had a cult following. When CBS cancelled YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR, public outcry forced the network to bring it back! Mandel Kramer stars as JOHNNY DOLLAR "the fabulous free-lance investigator" in two episodes from 1961.

Finally, SAM SPADE was the role that Humphrey Bogart made famous on film, but it also became extremely popular on radio. Howard Duff, however, plays Spade and owned role on radio with the versatile actress Lurene Tuttle as his secretary. We'll also feature two shows of that series from 1949.

SUNDAY NIGHT MYSTERIES starts at 9:00 PM and runs until midnight on WHFR.fm 89.3