Monday FORUM, 5-4-12, 6-7 PM: Planetary Radio & TEDTalks

Two of the week's best podcasts from the internet!

Detroit Derby Girls on No Boys A-Loud -- Saturday, June 2, Noon-2pm

Meet Wham!tramck from the Detroit Derby Girls Saturday at noon on No Boys A-Loud. Find out about Derby U and how to become a Derby Girl, along with details of upcoming appearances and bouts.

It's all right here on WHFR Dearborn, 89.3fm.

WHFR Journal, 6-1-12, 1-2 PM: Kristyn Taylor, local activist

Today, for the first half hour, an interview with local community activist Kristyn Taylor, who has been a spokesperson for several local advocacy groups, including Save Our Pools. She recently formed a Facebook group: Dearborn Residents for Accountability, which hopes to get more information out to the public on current city issues so we can all give better input to our elected representatives. If you've missed the broadcast, listen to the podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--WHFR Journal--(select date).

Big Band, Broadway and Beyond Features WEST SIDE STORY on Friday June 1

This week on Big Band, Broadway, and Beyond, Joe will be featuring the Broadway musical WEST SIDE STORY. This classic musical retelling of Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET is set in the mid-1950s Upper West Side section of New York City. The rival "families" being two rival teenage gangs representing the ethnically changing neighborhood: The Jets representing the white working class teens community and The Sharks representing the Puerto Rican community. The two lovers are from these rival groups, Tony one of the Jets falls in love with Maria the sister of The Shark's leader Bernardo. This musical features music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and choreography by Jerome Robbins all based on Arthur Laurents' book. WEST SIDE STORY was first performed on Broadway in 1957 and turned into a film directed by Robert Wise in 1961 (it won Best Picture at the Oscars). So listen to Big Band, Broadway, and Beyond to hear a different featured Broadway musical every Friday between 10am-1pm.

"Theme Attic" celebrates "Queens," Thursday, 10AM-Noon, May 31!

Queen Elizabeth II is having a gigantic party for her Diamond Jubilee this weekend. So "Theme Attic," the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, will loosely feature songs about queens. Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, May 31 at 10:00 AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Tuesday FORUM, 5-29-12, 1-2 PM: Heights News & Views wsg Rep. Bob Constan

Host Ned Apigian, a Deaborn Heights councilperson, interviews the Michigan State Representative from the Dearborn Heights area, Bob Constan. Representative Constan will explain current budget and tax situations and new bills moving through Lansing, as well as his announced new campaign to be the Dearborn Heights area Commissioner for Wayne County. Note: this show is available as a podcast from this website immediately after broadcast for listening anytime; click on Talk Shows/Tuesday Forum/(select date).

Big Picture Science, 5-29-12, Noon-1 PM: "Mass Transits"

On June 5, our sister planet Venus will slowly slide across the face of the sun. This will be the last transit of Venus until 2117, so there’s no subsequent chance to observe this celestial spectacular for anyone alive today. Join us for a special episode devoted to this rare event. Two centuries ago, nations were locked in a race to be the first to measure the Venus transit. From the first observation by the “father” of British astronomy to Captain Cook’s Tahitian expedition in the 18th century, meet the pioneers who were trying to nail down the scale of the cosmos.

Monday FORUM, 5-28-12, 6-7 PM: Parent Connection

Local host Margaret King Ahmed welcomes two guests from the non-profit United States Green Building Council--Detroit Chapter--to talk about how to change the way homes, businesses, and communities are designed to better benefit people, places--including our schools--and the economy : Margaret Matta, Registered Architect and Advocate for Green Schools,

MOOG-A-THON Grand Finale Thursday May 24 and Friday May 25!

The final two shows of this week's "Moog Marathon" take place on "Theme Attic," and a spectacular six hour finale on "Space Is the Place." DJ Phil Maq goes on a quirky melodic aural tour of synthesizer soundscapes on "Theme Attic," Thursday 10AM-Noon! And then DJ Tom Wilson pulls out all of the stops as he leaves no moog unturned on his super sized edition of "Space Is the Place," Friday from 6PM-Midnight! Join us for the final shows capping off a week long birthday celebration for Dr.

Cancer: Tests, Prevention, Insurance on This Month's IMPACT! -- Tuesday, May 22, 1pm - 2pm

Breast and Cervical Cancer Program representatives Barbara Eskridge and Elree Watkins, along with Lisa Braddix from the Komen Detroit Race for the Cure, talk about getting out the word to beat cancer.

Tune in to 89.3fm tomorrow at 1pm to learn how to protect yourself -- even if you don't have health insurance -- right here on WHFR Dearborn.

Monday FORUM: 5-21-12, 6-7 PM: Sierra Club, TED, & TED

Recent internet podcasts you shouldn't miss: "Sierra Club Radio" from 5-12-12, plus two TEDTalks--David Kelley, "How to Build Your Creative Confidence" and Tali Sharot, "The Optimism Bias." Available for listening anytime after broadcast on this website: click on Talk Shows--Monday Forum--(select date).

MOOG-A-THON on WHFR starting Sunday May 20 and special SPACE IS THE PLACE Friday May 25

For the last few year WHFR DJ and host of the SPACE IS THE PLACE radio program on Friday nights Tom Wilson has been celebrating the life of Dr. Robert Moog on or around is birthday May 23. Dr. Moog is the creator of the Moog synthesizer and this instrument has been used several bands and musicians from the Rolling Stones, Wendy Carlos, Giorgio Moroder, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Air, Nine Inch Nails, New Order, and local group the Mystic Moog Orchestra, just to name a few. Starting on Sunday May 20, several shows will be participating in this year's Moog-A-Thon and ends with a special extended version of SPACE IS THE PLACE on Friday May 25 starting at 6pm. Below is a list of shows participating and some of the special Live musical performances featuring the Moog:

WHFR Benefit Concert THIS Saturday, May 19, at New Place Lounge!

Two of our premiere local blues acts--Sweet Willie Tea & The Boa Constrictors--will perform this Saturday, May 19, from 9 PM to 1 AM, at The New Place Lounge, 22723 Michigan Ave., in west Dearborn. For all those 21 or over, a donation of $5 per person at the door will admit you for a night of great music--and help WHFR raise needed operating funds. Beverages and food at extra cost, of course. See you there! And, tell your friends!

Monday FORUM: 5-14-12, 6-7 PM: Freakonomics, Philosophy Bites & TED

This week's best Podcasts from the internet: Freakonomics--"In a world where nearly everything is for sale, is it always ok to buy what isn't yours?" Philosophy Bites--"Peter Singer on Death and Decision-making." TED Talks--Eduardo Paes, "The 4 Commandments of Cities." Immediately after broadcast, this show is available as a podcast from this website: Talk Shows/Monday Forum/(select date).

Big Band, Broadway and Beyond Features ANNIE GET YOUR GUN on Friday May 11

This week on Big Band, Broadway, and Beyond - Joe will be featuring Irving Berlin's ANNIE GET YOUR GUN.
Make sure you tune in this Friday and every Friday between 10am-1pm for a different Broadway musical on Big Band, Broadway, and Beyond!

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