2-12-17 through 2-18-17: WHFR's "Valentine Week" (because ONE day is NOT enough)

Listen to all your favorite shows on WHFR this week, as all of our DJs will be presenting a Valentine-themed show. Whether it is about love found, lost, scorned, or about candy, and even anti-Valentine, we got you covered. Only on the station making waves, whfr.fm!

2-14-17, 1-2 PM: TUESDAY FORUM--"IMPACT!" -- Special Valentine's Edition

It's all about the heart next Tuesday -- Valentines's Day!! IMPACT!'s special guest is Paramedic Ken Collier. Lynn & Ken discuss how to protect and save those hearts -- and what an EMT does to save lives when something goes wrong. So tune in to IMPACT! Remember too, if you miss the broadcast you can always catch the podcast, just go to WHFR.FM--Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--select 2/14/17, at your convenience.

2-11-17, NOON-2 PM: "No Boys A-Loud" Welcomes Lutenist Doris Williams

Doris Williams plays lute, tin whistle and keyboards. Her voice is described as "rich and buttery, with a dark quality rarely heard in sopranos." She provides song and prayerful comfort for those with mental, physical, or spiritual illness. Doris performs live as a solo artist, and with her band Celtic Rose. Intrigued? She also loves creating wonderful food!! Meet this amazing woman on "No Boys A-Loud" tomorrow at noon with your host Lynn.

2-7-17, 1-2 PM: TUESDAY FORUM--"We Are Not Alone"

Award-winning author and journalist Jim Marrs joins host David Twichell. Jim’s 1992 Non-Fiction Best Seller, "Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy," received critical acclaim and became the basis for the Oliver Stone film "JFK." Jim has also written several other books, including an in-depth investigation of UFOs entitled “Alien Agenda,” which has become the top-selling non-fiction UFO book in the world. Remember after the broadcast this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

1-31-17, 1-2PM: TUESDAY FORUM: Foodies on the Fifth

Learn about a vegan lifestyle when host Lynn welcomes Debra Levantrosser and Lauren Panoff, discussing various diet styles such as vegan, vegetarian, octo, lovo, flexitarian, and omnivore., along with the history of the Standard American Diet (SAD), the food pyramid and how we got here. What does it mean to raise a vegan baby, cook and bake vegan? Beyond diet, how does a vegan lifestyle impact buying clothing, cars, and more.? All backed by statistics, personal anecdotes, and stories from their experiences.

1-24-17, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum SPECIAL PODCAST--"Skepticality"

The Skeptics Society is a nonprofit, member-supported organization devoted to promoting scientific skepticism and resisting the spread of pseudoscience, superstition, and irrational beliefs. The Skeptics Society was founded by Michael Shermer and publishes Skeptic magazine and produces this award-winning podcast. This is the current episode from January 3, 2017. This show will be archived on this website for listening anytime after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--select date.

1-19-17, 7-11 P.M. Thursday Homelessness Marathon Broadcast

Listen to WHFR for a special broadcast that sheds awareness on the plight of the homeless. It features interviews with persons of this population on the eve of the presidential inauguration, asking them about their problems and what they would like to say to Donald Trump regarding their situation. You can find out more by checking out a talk show Tuesday forum podcast from 1-10-17 with founder Jeremy Alderson and local Pastor Rani Abdulmasih,

1-17-17, 1-2 PM: TUESDAY FORUM--"Metaphysically Speaking"

Host Mike Holloway welcomes Bill Lee who is an Avatar Master. Bill and Mike discuss the Avatar self improvement program--how a person is able to rediscover their real self and align themselves with what they want to accomplish in life by experiencing their own special insights. Remember this show will be archived on this website and can be listened to any time after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--select date.

1-16-17, Noon to 2 PM: SPECIAL MLK JR. DAY Programs

Noon to 1 PM: "Democracy Now," with host Amy Goodman--a tribute to Martin Luther King. Jr., American civil rights activist.
1 to 2 PM: Humankind (humanmedia.org) production: "Teaching Nonviolence"--a path to peace!

1-12-17, 4PM-7PM:2017 The Seatbelts on Live From Studio J

Host Scott Boatright. Listen Thursday afternoon. I will be playing lot's of great local music as always. From 5-6, I am very excited to present a live performance from the Seatbelts! They have a new record out, and the members of the band bring decades of experience in playing good old Detroit style Rock N' Roll!