Find Out How Helping Hands Food Pantry Works To Alleviate Hunger On The Next Edition of IMPACT! Tuesday, March 8 at 1pm

Helping Hands Food Pantry has been working to aid the hungry since the 1960s. Learn how the program has evolved and where it is going when Lynn speaks with Carolyn Van Den Bosch and Raymond Scoboria on the next edition of IMPACT!, Tuesday, March 8 at 1pm. According to Helping Hands, out of Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church, "Last year, we assisted 358 households; that was 830 adults and 444 children with 11,962 food items!

3-4-16, 1-2 PM: The New WHFR Journal: Dearborn's State of the City Address

Last Wednesday, due to "inclement weather," the usual live speech by Dearborn's Mayor John B. O'Reilly, Jr., did not happen. But it was videotaped later and is now running on local cable TV access channels. However, for those who have "cut the cord" (or perhaps have never subscribed to cable TV), WHFR, for this hour of the Journal, is presenting the audio portion for the consideration of all citizens. After the broadcast, you can listen any time to the podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--WHFR Journal--(select date).

3-1-16, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum: "We Are Not Alone"

Host David Twichell interviews Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, the authors, along with Dr. Frank Thayer, of The Aztec UFO Incident. Scott has been investigating the Aztec story since 1987 and met Suzanne when he was a guest on her radio show discussing his findings. They were ultimately married and spent years traveling at their own expense to interview witnesses and unearthing more than 55,000 documents pertaining to the incident. Remember, any time after the broadcast, this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

Warm Up With Some Hard-Working Rockabilly Today 5pm - 6pm with The Hi-Views on Motor Live Drive @ 5

The Hi-Views, one of Metro Detroit's hard-working rockabilly bands, just completed it's debut LP "Not Slowin' Down". WHFR is proud to showcase this traditional three-piece ensemble live in studio featuring songs from the album. The Hi-Views are Jeff Bitzinger: guitar, vocals, Paul Royal: doghouse bass, vocals, and Alan Curtis: drums. They're performing live Thursday February 25 at 5pm on the Motor Live Drive @ 5 radio show.

2-17-16, 7 PM, thru to 2-18, 9 AM: SPECIAL--"Homelessness Marathon"

WHFR interrupts our regularly-scheduled programs to bring our listeners the 18th Annual Homelessness Marathon, this year originating LIVE from the streets of our nation's capitol, Washington, DC. Commentary and interviews from researchers, social workers, and the homeless themselves are featured with unique information each hour. Note: This is not a fundraising event but, hopefully, certainly, an awareness-raising experience that will lead to solving the problem of homelessness.

Meet Barbra White, Life Coach, Intuitive and Author, on the Next Edition of Metaphysically Speaking, Tuesday February 16 at 1pm

Join host Mike Holloway and his special guest, life coach, intuitive and author, Barbra White on the next edition of Metaphysically Speaking. Barbra and Mike hold a riveting discussion on how to practice self love to better learn about accepting ourselves as we are and how to apply that to personal relationships. That's Metahysically Speaking, 1pm - 2pm Tuesday February 16. Remember. if you miss the broadcast, you can always catch the podcast -- just go to, Tuesday Talk.

Meet Matt Dmits on Today's Motor Live Drive @ 5 -- 5pm - 6pm

Talented singer/songwriter Matt Dmits comes to the February 11 Motor Live Drive @ 5 to tell you stories with his voice and guitar. The show airs 5pm - 6pm with a podcast available right after. To listen to the podcast, just go to WHFR.FM, the Music Shows button, and select the performance date.

Homelessness Marathon Founder Jeremy Alderson is Special Guest on IMPACT! Tuesday February 9 at 1pm

Jermy Alderson is Lynn's special guest on the next edition of IMPACT! Tuesday February 9 at 1pm. Join Lynn when she & Homelessness Marathon founder Jeremy discuss the 18th Homelessness Marathon. This year's broadcast, from Washington D.C., is especially timely considering the recent record-breaking snowfall and its impact on the homeless. The 18th Homelessness Marathon is broadcast in its entirely from 7pm Wednesday February 17 through 9am Thursday February 18. The IMPACT! show is live from 1pm - 2pm then available as a podcast anytime after 2pm.

The Friday Afternoon Blues You Loved for Many Years Are Alive & Well on WHFR!

Friday afternoon blues live on! Highway 61 airs 2pm - 4pm every Friday afternoon with host Kitty Luv. Each week Kitty shares the best of the newest blues offerings from the WHFR collection. Then Friday drive time rocks with The Go With The Flow Mike Holloway Show 4pm - 6pm. Join Mike for those rockin' blues you love and the weekly blues calendar you need!

So tune in every Friday afternoon for four hours of great blues from 2pm - 6pm right here on WHFR the station making waves!!

2-4-16, 5-6 PM: Sultry Sax and Amazing Guitar Stylings Make Waves on Thursday's Motor Live Drive

Tune in when Sam the Sax Man and Luis Hirschlieb with sax and guitar share beautiful music. From jazz to blues to Americana the next edition of Motor Live Drive @ 5, Thursday February 4, is sure to please! You'll enjoy originals and covers like you've never heard before! So join us for Motor Live Drive @ 5pm Thursday February 4, 5pm - 6pm. Remember, if you miss the live show, you can catch the podcast. Just go to WHFR.FM, Music Performances.

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