Our Gift To You: Winter Season Celebration Shows, Airing 10am Christmas Eve through 10am December 26 -- Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays from your friends at WHFR.FM! Enjoy one-hour shows prepared by your favorite DJs. You'll hear Holiday tunes, family stories, even some really bad one-liners. So sit back, relax, and wrap those last-minute gifts to the WHFR Winter Season Celebration shows!

12-22-15, 1-2 PM: IMPACT!

“Changing the national conversation – one quilt at a time.“ The loss from gun violence impacts not only the victims but the community. Director Sandy North and the family members of innocent gun violence victims share how the Remember Me Quilt Project gives a voice to those who were lost to gun violence, by placing these quilts in a traveling public exhibit (remembermeprojectquiltproject.org). You can listen to this show anytime after broadcast on this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

Learn How Myomassology is More Than Just Rub, Rub, Rub on Tuesday's Metaphysically Speaking at 1pm

Please tune in to the next edition of Metaphysically Speaking with show host, Mike Holloway and his special guest, massage therapist Lynn. In a lively, informative interview, Lynn reveals what led her to become a massage therapist, describes aspects of her training and describes how wonderful it is to help people feel better. She also delves into her interest of working with dogs and cats and how massage therapy benefits them as well. Be sure to listen to this fascinating interview Tuesday, December 15 at 1 pm. That's Metaphysically Speaking, right here on WHFR.FM.

12-11-15, 1-2 PM: WHFR Journal w/MI Rep. George Darany

What's been happening in the Michigan Legislature recently? Dearborn's Representative Darany will be our main guest to report on the past few months, as well as plans for action next year, and thoughts on the upcoming Michigan Primary, March 8, 2016, and potential ballot proposals for next November.

Grief Support Explored on the Tuesday, December 8 Edition of IMPACT!

Meet Bridget Elkins, Aftercare Coordinator from Howe-Peterson Funeral Home on the Tuesday, December 8 edition of IMPACT!. Learn about grief-support options during the holiday season -- or anytime -- for adults, teens and children. That's IMPACT!, 1pm Tuesday, December 8 right here on WHFR 89.3, the station making waves. Remember, if you miss the live broadcast, you can catch the podcast. Just go to whfr.fm, Tuesday Talk.

12-4-15, 6-8 PM: "Space Is the Place" Special Interview

Please join Tom as he speaks live with critically acclaimed guitarist Kevin Kastning, one of today's most compelling acoustic guitarists on the world stage, to discuss his new album "Otherworld" greydisc, incorporating elements of neoclassical, jazz and even folk.

"A Time to Remember" This Saturday, 10am, Park Place Catering

While losing a loved one is never easy, the holidays seem to make it even more difficult. Howe-Peterson Funeral Home invites you, your family and your friends to "A Time to Remember" a holiday memorial program, this Saturday, December 5, 10am at Park Place Catering, 23400 Park Street, Dearborn. For more information call 313-561-1500.

12-1-15, 1-2 PM: TUESDAY FORUM--"We Are Not Alone"

Host David Twichell interviews Dr. Robert Davis, an internationally recognized scientist in the field of audiology, serving as a professor at the State University of New York for over 30 years. In his book, The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?, he details how his research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon convinced him that the phenomenon is a very important concern that has been ignored by the general scientific community. Remember, this show can be listened to anytime after the broadcast as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

Culture City Radio hosts their first live act, Rossonian, Wednesday at 1p.m., 11-25-15

Electro-sensual rock & roll has been born; as such, rock & roll really can't die now. Find out just what that means when your host, Steve Homer, introduces the Denver-based band Rossonian to Studio J for Steve's first in-house pre-recorded interview. Learn how these gents moved from Dearborn and the Great Lakes to the international stage. Rossonian will share music from their EPs You Are Your Own Dentist, Late Kids, and even unreleased world debuts. Culture City Radio airs from Noon till two, Wednesdays, on the only station making waves, WHFR.

It's All About The Numbers On The Next Edition of Metaphysically Speaking Tuesday, November 17, at 1pm

Tune in Tuesday when host Mike Holloway speaks with Numerology expert Marsha Kozlowski. What secrets do your numbers hold? Numerology is used for insight into who we are, and the world we live in. Our names and birth dates contain our personal blueprints for this life. Numerology can bring self-validation and understanding in relationships. Find out how numerology works Tuesday at 1pm, right here on WHFR, where at 30 years, we're just getting started!

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