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Classical 24

Classical 24 VIA SATELLITE by Classical 24 VIA SATELLITE

06/18/2021 - 8:00pm
Classical 24 VIA SATELLITE

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Celebrating Pride Month on the WHFR Journal with SAFE@HFC and SAGA

Join us on the "WHFR Journal" this Friday, June 18 at 1 pm as we celebrate Pride Month and learn about SAFE@HFC and SAGA, two amazing campus organizations at HFC. SAFE@HFC is comprised of faculty and staff LGBTQ+ allies and community members who are spreading awareness on campus, providing support, and connecting students and employees to resources, and SAGA is HFC's LGBTQ+ student-run club.

Punk from Down Under

If you aren’t aware the folks down in Australia have been doing lately, and have an interest in punk or garage rock then I have a few bands for you. First, let me give a short description of the sound you get from these bands, its like revved up fast, high energy punky garage rock. Take away the harmonies and typical production aesthetics over used in pop punk and leave the attitude and energy.

Drunk Mums: Punk with a dose of western guitar sound.
-Songs: Chitty Chitty, Vitamin D, Rubbing Your Gums

The Chats: Fast, fun, and full of humour.
-Songs: Smoko, Identity Theft, AC/DC CD

Special Interview with Propaganda during LIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND Saturday June 12 at 11am

Check out Light from the Underground Saturday June 12, from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Bill Keith will talk with hip hop artist, poet and author Propaganda about his new book "Terraform - Building a Better World." The interview will air at 11:00 a.m. They talked about what it means to terraform the world around us, neighborliness, and his love for the "D." As we head towards Father's Day, they also talked about Prop's song "We Let the Credits Roll" and the challenges of coming to terms with his father.

Return of WE ARE NOT ALONE on Monday June 7, 2021 2-3pm

Join host David Twichell for his return to WHFR and the radio version of WE ARE NOT ALONE after a long hard year. Twichell’s first guest is Cheryl Lynn Carter, a freelance journalist and author, a psychic medium, remote viewer and UFO experiencer. Carter discusses the fact that she has worked closely with law enforcement agencies in the past to help locate missing persons and murder suspects. She describes her past encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials. Make sure you tune in!

Former WHFR Staff Member Beats Long Odds to Graduate

Former WHFR staff member Dunamis Archer overcame many setbacks to graduate from MSU with his bachelor's degree in communication. Dunamis is the son of longtime WHFR DJ Andre Archer, who hosts the Strictly Gospel show on Tuesdays from 2pm-4pm.