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Slack Times At The Blue Melon Rendezvous
John Denicola She Said
Abby Sage Fears Of Yours & Mine

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Battle Cry by Little V

11/29/2021 - 12:52pm
01 Devendra Banhart - What Will We Be 02 I Fight Dragons - Cool is Just a Number 03 They Might Be Giants - Here Comes Science 04 Neko Case - Middle Cyclone 05 God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl 06 Monsters of Folk - Monsters of Folk 07 Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard - One Fast Move Or I'm Gone 08 Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band 09 Spearhead - Deathless Steel Command 10 Sprague Brothers - Instrumental Party
Learn about HFCC's award-winning Ice Carving Club when you join Dennis and Lynsey for 2010's first Campus Connection tomorrow at 1pm. They'll get you the low down on the Winter Semester "Welcome Back Days" on January 26-27. And tell you all about the "HFCC Big Band Motown Review" coming up Saturday, January 30.
Tomorrow, January 7, Carrick Secorski performs on "Motor Live Drive @ 5". Carrick is a local singer/songwriter who plays his original works, and interprets covers from artists such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan. So keep your radio tuned to WHFR Thursday 5pm for a live in-house concert heard only on the station "Making Waves"...where we don't just talk about supporting local music, we do it.
01 Tinted Windows - Tinted Windows 02 The Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca 03 The Bird and The Bee - Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future 04 I Fight Dragons - Cool is Just a Number 05 Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion 06 Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard - One Fast Move Or I'm Gone 07 The Sweater Set - Surprise Visit 08 Datarock - Red 09 Discovery - LP 10 Coconut Records - Davy
Donald Schmitt is David's guest this month. Mr. Schmitt is the former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies where he served as Director of Special Investigations for 10 years. He graduated cum laude from Concordia University with a degree in Liberal Arts. He is the author of dozens of articles about UFOs, as well as the co-author of three best-selling books including a newly updated version of "Witness to Roswell." Showtime's movie "ROSWELL", Golden-Globe-nominated best TV movie, was based on his first book.