Monday FORUM, 4-8-13, 6-7 PM: Skepticality--"Spot the Bull"

In this episode of the podcast from The Skeptics Society, Derek interviews Loren Collins, author of the 2012 book, "Bullspotting: Finding Facts in the Age of Misinformation." Never in history has the truth been more accessible and lies so contagious. In this confusing environment, how does an honest person find the facts and avoid the lies? Remember, if you can't catch the broadcast--or you just discovered you missed it--you can listen anytime on this website to OUR podcast: click on Talk Shows--Monday Forum--(select date).

Space is the Place presents the album "Spaces" Friday April 4th, 6 - 8pm

Please join host Tom Wilson as he pays homage to the fantastic music of guitar virtuoso extraordinaire, Larry Coryell. Coryell, who turned 70 on April 2nd, and his album "Spaces" will be featured as a special presentation on "Space is the Place". On this landmark 1974 recording, Coryell was joined by the stellar lineup of John McGlauglin, Miroslav Vitous, Billy Cobham and Chick Corea. This album has been out of print for years and was remixed and remastered on vinyl as a special release for Record Store Day, 2012.

"Heaven, The Titanic, Baseball, & More Silly Songs" on "Theme Attic," Thursday, April 4th, 10AM-Noon!

Sometimes music can be used for introspection. "Theme Attic," the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, will take a quick look at songs about heaven before moving onto the anniversary of the sinking of The Titanic and Opening Day in baseball. To make sure that things don't get too serious, there will be another batch of silly songs! Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, April 4th, at 10:00AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Tuesday FORUM, 4-2-13, 1-2 PM: We Are Not Alone

Today's interview is with Preston Dennett, who was a UFO skeptic until he found out that many trusted friends and family members had their own close encounter experiences. In 1986 he began researching the phenomenon and has become a world-class expert on UFOs and the paranormal. Mr. Dennett is an investigator for MUFON and the author of more than 100 articles and fifteen books, to include “The Coronado Island UFO Incident." Join our host David Twichell for the discussion of this truly remarkable case and others that Mr. Dennett has researched.

Monday FORUM, 4-1-13, 6-7 PM: Philosophy Talk & Freakonomics

We're not "foolin' around" today--by presenting a very serious discussion from Philosophy Talk, "Abortion," and from Stephen Dubner (Freakonomics) a challenging insight, "When a Negative is a Positive."
Remember that anytime after broadcast this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Monday Forum--(select date).

Space is the Place celebrates "Birds of Fire" Friday March 29th from 6 - 8pm!

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of John McGlaughlin and The Mahavishnu Orchestra's album release entitled "Birds of Fire" on Friday at 6pm! In 1971, visionary guitarist John McGlaughlin formed The Mahavishnu Orchestra to combine a group of multinational musicians to produce a high volume, electrified rock sound combining complex rhythms, unusual time signatures with elements of jazz and classical European and Indian music. On March 29th, 1973, the band released it's second and last studio recording, "Birds of Fire".

"Fools, Sillies, and Bach" on "Theme Attic," Thursday, March 28th, 10AM-Noon!

March 31st is Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, so it's time for another "Bach Party!" And since April Fool's Day is just around the corner, "Theme Attic," the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, will also shine the musical spotlight on fools and silly songs--everything from Weird Al to The Three Stooges. Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, March 28th, at 10:00AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Monday FORUM, 3-25-13, 6-7 PM: Freakonomics Radio & two TED Talks

Our choices of this week's best podcasts from the internet: (1) Stephen Dubner (Freakonomics) presents his research entitled, "Parking is Hell"; (2) TED Talk from Bono, "The Good News on Poverty (Yes, there is some)"; (3) TED Talk from Danny Hillis, "The Internet could crash--we need a Plan B." This show will be archived on our website after broadcast fro listening anytime: click on Talk Shows--Monday Forum--(select date).

WHFR Festival of Enlightenment Holistic Fair TODAY Saturday March 23 11am-5pm

The annual Festival of Enlightenment Holistic Fair presented by WHFR and METAPHYSICALLY SPEAKING takes place in the Student and Culinary Arts Center Buildings on the main campus of HFCC TODAY from 11am-5pm. A variety of Vendors, Readers, and Bodyworkers will be present at the fair along with a a variety of presentations on all aspects of a holistic life. The Festival of Enlightenment Holistic Fair cost $5 at the door or FREE for students with valid I.D. and all of the entry fees go directly to WHFR. For more information check out: or just come out to the fair!

WHFR Journal, 3-22-13. 1-2 PM: Interview with Dave Norwood, Dearborn's Sustainability Coordinator

How green are we getting? How can we be more efficient and more Earth-conscious? What initiatives are happening now in our town? We'll get the update from Dave Norwood, as part of our weekly update on local news and views for Dearborn and the surrounding area. Note: Our podcast of this show will be available on this website for listening anytime after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--WHFR Journal--(select date).

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