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RIP - Charlie Gracie Special

Charlie Gracie

This past Saturday, Dec 17th we lost one of the great originators of Rock N Roll music. Way before Elvis, before Sun Records, was Charlie Gracie from Philly. Beginning his career around the same tim57 Bill Haley and His Comets had become a dance hall hit with there new style of fast music combining Jump Blue & Hillbilly with a big band ensemble, Charlie Gracie started his brand of simple 3 piece ensemble with the same mix of genres. Later this style of 3 peice ensemble would become the staple for what we now call the original form of Rock N Roll we now know and love as Rockabilly.

Charlie Gracie became a virtuoso on the Guild X-350 Guitar and a prolific songwriter starting on Cadillac Records in 1951, 20th Century Records in 1955 and then a Top 40 Pop star on Cameo Records in 1957.

Today - Dec 19, 2022 The Wrekking Hours will pay tribute to this legend of Rock N Roll with a 2 hour special featuring an in person interview with Mr. Gracie.

Annual Wrekking Christmas with Krampus Holiday Special

Wrekking Xmas w Krampus

Tune in to the Annual Wrekking Christmas w/ Krampus Holiday Special on the #WrekkingHours #Radioshow on #KrampusNacht 2022 - Dec 5th 6-8pm on 89.3FM #Detroit online #Psychobilly #Surf #Rockabilly #holiday party Wrecking the Radio for #Xmas #Christmas

24th Annual Wrekking Halloween Special

24th Annual Wrekking Halloween Monster Rock Extravaganza Spooktacular Hootenanny is happening once again!

For 3 weeks - 10-17, 10-24, 10-31 leading up to Halloween Day The Wrekking Hours will feature all the greatest Monster Rock, Horror-Billy, Spooky-Billy, Fantazma-billy from the past 60 yrs of music history that celebrates Halloween!

WrekkingHalloween Poster 2022

Wrekking Hour 082222 - Pre Hamtramck Hustle Show

Listen in for all the sounds you might here this Saturday at Bumbo's Bar w/ Your Friendly Neighborhood Beatnik at Dead Last Car Clubs annual Hamtramck Hustle. 2pm to 7pm Aug 27th. Click for more info.

#The69Cats #69Cats #Gothabilly w/ NEW #GraveyardKings - deep #Surf rock cuts #TheRangers #TheMadmen #TheSurfites - NEW #Rockabilly #JustinPickard & The Thunderbird Winos all TODAY 6-8pm EDT 89.3fm #Detroit #WHFR.FM online - use this link to tune in NOW!

Hamtramck Hustle 2022

23rd Annual Wrekking Halloween Special

23rd Annual Wrekking Halloween

From 6:00-9:00pm on both Monday, October 18th, and Monday, October 25th, The Wrekking Hours Radio Show will showcase the 23rd Annual Wrekking Halloween Monster Rock Extravaganza Spooktacular Hootenanny!

The Wrekking Hours genres of Psychobilly, Surf and Rockabilly are synonymous with other genre descriptions like Horror-Rock, Horror-Punk, Horror Surf, and the original style Monster Rock made famous by Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s 1962 hit “The Monster Mash.” For three hours on Monday nights leading up to the Halloween holiday, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Beatnik - The Gothabilliie Man” will provide many of the classic Monster hits along with new Psychobilly releases with Horror and Spooky themes.

Listen in to The Wrekking Hours Radio Show on WHFR Radio either online or on the FM airwaves for a wild fun time to celebrate this Halloween season! Tune in at 89.3 FM on your radio dial in the Detroit Metro area, or listen from anywhere at or use the “WHFR Radio” Android App, found in the Google Play store.

Annual Wrekking Xmas Party!

Dec 14th & Dec 21st is parts 1 & 2 of the 2015 annual Wrekking Xmas party on the Wrekking Hours.

Join The Gothabillie Man for 4 hours of Psychobilly Surf and Rockabilly songs specially selected for the Xmas holiday season.

Mondays 6-8pm GMT-5 (EST) on 89.3fm in Dearborn/Detroit or online at and on your phone with any mp3 streaming audio player.

Post comments and requests to the Wrekking Hrs on facebook at

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Cash O'Riley Live on Wrekking Hours for Radiothon 2015

Cash O'Riley Ownsome Outlaw will be live on the air for Wrekking Hours 2015 radiothon special edition. Tune in Monday 4-20-15 from 6-8pm GMT-4 EDT

Use the TuneIn app from your phone or listen online at WHFR.FM

Nobody's Business on Wrekking Hours Dec 8th

Bill Giorgio and the boys will be sitting in with the Gothabillie Man on the Wrekking Hours radio show for a special anthology tribute to the local Detroit area rockabilly band Nobody's Business.

For 20 years Nobody's Business has been releasing original music and performing around the metro-Detroit area. Now Mr. Giorgio's Records is about to release their 4th studio album on Dec 13th at the FOE in Redford as a special anniversary and CD released party.

During the past two decades Nobody's Business has been a serious supporter of WHFR radio, having hosted a live remote in the early 2000s and continuously debuting their new releases exclusively to WHFR first!

Listen in on the Wrekking Hours Monday Dec. 8th as we chronicle this great local rockabilly ensemble and their music.

Wrekking Hours airs 6-8pm (GMT-5) on 89.3fm WHFR Dearborn online.

Nobody's Business CD Release Party / 20th Anniversary Show:
FOE Redford 24401 5 Mile Rd. Redford MI 48239
December 13th, Doors at 8.30pm

Wrekking Halloween Spooktacular 13!

the 13th annual Wrekking Halloween Spooktacular is on the air in two parts beginning Monday Oct 20 and concluding Monday Oct 27th.

Tune in for the annual Monster Rock Party on the Radio featuring Detroit's on internationally famous monster rock 3 piece "The 3D Invisibles", original monster mash music as well as new Monster Psychobilly & Surf songs for the Halloween season.

6-8pm Mondays for 2 weeks leading up to Halloween!!

Artist Spotlight Week 2014

Wrekking Hrs will spotlight artist Charlie Gracie beginning this week! Complete with interviews and original hits and latest releases, this 3 part series is a anthology of his 50+ year career in Rockabilly music.

New Prime Time slot!!

Wrekking Hours moves from drive time to prime time - now broadcasting weekly from 6-8pm GMT-4 (EST)

Week by week Wrekking

Check out the stream of updates on the Wrekking Hrs blog

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Week by week the Wrekking Hrs blog is updated - check there for updates on special events and various news!

Don't forget to search the WHFR playlist for the Wrekking Hours show to see everything I've been spinning week by week.

Wrekking Hours Halloween Edition 2009

Join The Gothabillie Man, your friendly neighborhood beatnik, for a special Halloween edition of The Wrekking Hours Radio show with special guest Bill Alton of King Drifter.

Formerly known as the lead singer of The Starlight Drifters, Bill Alton has once again assembled a line up of premiere Detroit area musicians to back his amazing golden pipes. This new line-up is King Drifter!

Bill Alton will join us in the WHFR studios Monday for the world broadcast premiere of the new King Drifter single - hot off the presses from their recent recording sessions.

Monday Oct 26th. 4-6pm.

Then later in the week you can join The Gothabillie Man at the New Way bar as he spins your favorite HorrorPop & Monster Rock with King Drifter for

"Rockin' In The Cemetery"
Thursday Oct. 29th
Woodward Ave. just north of 9 Mile Rd.
New Way Bar
- special guest Sir Morgus Gravesly

"We don't just say we support local music, we're doing it!"

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