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The New WHFR Journal

The New WHFR Journal is our only weekly talk show at the station and it focuses on "Local News & Views". The previous weeks shows are archived so if you miss one, check it out from this website: click on Talk Shows--WHFR Journal--(select date)!

Classical 24

WHFR's answer to the need for great classical music in Detroit and on the Internet. Check out the official Classical 24 site from Minnesota Public Radio.

Mountain Stage

Mountain Stage, a national treasure, is one of the longest running live music performance show on radio. Spanning two decades of production and musical evolution, this live performance radio show has created and maintained it's own unique identity and audience. It has always been three shows in one: a live performance stage concert for those who attend in person, both a state broadcast as well as a nationally distributed radio show, and a television program. Mountain Stage made its debut in 1981 in the mountains of West Virginia at the Charleston Cultural Center, with a huge patchwork quilt as a stage backdrop. The universal language of music has been expressed by performers from a multitude of cultures sharing their talent. The best of the best have performed on this stage--too many to mention here.

The unique sound of Mountain Stage broadcast live from the mountain state of West Virginia is on WHFR every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM, from PRI, Public Radio International. Tune in for the best live performance show on radio!