The Malt Shop & We Are Not Alone Podcast

WHFR Forum Podcast for May 7, 2013: We Are Not Alone

Missouri MUFON’s State Director, Debbie Ziegelmeyer will be our guest. Among the many attributes in her resume, Debbie serves on MUFON’s Board of Directors, as well as being a MUFON “Star Team” Investigator and State Coordinator. As the Co-Founder of MUFON’s “Dive Team”, she deals with Underwater UFO Search and Recovery, and she was a Volunteer archeologist on SCI-FI’s “Roswell Crash: Starling New Evidence” in September of 2002 as well as on NBC’s SCI-FI Investigates, “Roswell Re-visited” in June of 2006.

WHFR Forum Podcast for February 5, 2013: We Are Not Alone

In 2001, “The Disclosure Project” held a press conference at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington DC. 20 of the more than 400 of its members testified to their personal involvement with the UFO phenomenon. These are high ranking military, government and corporate officials with inside knowledge of UFOs and their cover-up. Today, we will play selected testimonies from that conference. Join us and be witness to the news conference that marked the beginning of official UFO disclosure.

WHFR Forum Podcast for December 4, 2012: We Are Not Alone

December 21, 2012 is almost upon us. This is the end date of the Mayan calendar and some say the “end of days”. Do these prophesies hold water or are they just all wet? Our guest will be Joseph Marra, a Doctor of Nursing Practice with an established practice at his Urgent Care Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Joe is also a hypnotherapist, reiki master, intuitive healer, and spiritual counselor. Joe’s teachings have been heard all over the globe through his Universal Talk Radio Show. Mr. Marra believes in curing the body, mind and spirit. He is also well versed in the 12-21-12 prophesy.

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