"David Gerald Band"-LIVE!-on "Motor Live Drive @ 5" 5pm-6pm, Thursday, September 23rd

David Gerald started playing guitar at the age of 16 influenced by Prince and 80’s rock guitarists. He rediscovered the blues and listened to the music of Albert King, ZZ Hill, B.B. King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan to name just a few. He performed in many local blues, R&B and rock bands cutting his guitar and vocal chops live and in person. Finding it hard to keep a band together, Gerald learned to play guitar, bass, keys and drums. Using two antiquated cassette recorders he would overdub each part individually until the song was completed.

"Metaphysically Speaking" with astrologer Bon Rose Fine--Tuesday, 1pm-2pm, September 21st

Bon Rose Fine is an astrologer, writer, speaker and consultant who is based in Ypsilanti, MI. She developed an interest in astrology about eighteen years ago when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. On the advice of a friend, she turned to astrologers in order to find answers as to why she had the disease and for questions about life in general. As she explored astrology more, Bon was led down the path to become an astrologer herself. Bon is involved with several organizations, has written many articles and has spoken extensively in regards to astrology.

"Peace Week" Preview on "Saturday Spontaneity" -- 2pm-4pm September 18

Join host Lynn when she welcomes David Ippel and Bill Watt to this week's "Saturday Spontaneity" focused on the Peace Corps.

Lots of Peace Corps stories, great conversation and island and African music make for a wonderful afternoon!

Tune in this Saturday at 2pm!

Coming Up on "The New WHFR Journal"--Friday 1pm-2pm

Friday, September 17, 1PM-2PM

On the first half of the New Whfr Journal, listen to the political views and positions of SCOTTY BOMAN- Libertarian candidate running for Secretary of State in the November 2, 2010 election. Then join us for an interview with EDWARD CHIELENS of Henry Ford Community College to discuss the Technology Communication Certification Program and more!

"The WHITE RAVENS"--LIVE!-- Motor Live Drive @ 5--5pm-6pm Thursday, September 16th


Join us for live interviews and performances of the White Ravens!
Indie rock is a broad category and the White Ravens are warping it even further by schizophrenically combining many styles of music into a single song. According to the band, their genre could be loosely classified as indie pop geek cabaret rock.

Will Bennett - keyboard, guitar, musical composition.

Amy Bennett - vocals, bass, lyrics.

Vince Russo - drums

Andrew Brown - guitar

HFCC Campus Connection--Tuesday 1pm-2pm, September 14th

Be sure to check out what is happening in the upcoming weeks on the campus of HFCC by listening to the "HFCC Campus Connection" 1pm-2pm, Tuesday, September 14. Get up to date on campus activities, student club events, community spirit, and more!

Chris Canas Blues Revolution LIVE on "Motor Live @ Five" - Thursday, Sept. 09 5pm-6pm

The Chris Canas Blues Revolution was formed in 2003, and has pumped out the sounds of the Blues ever since. Listen to them LIVE with performances and interviews as they continue on their mission to keep the blues alive and well for the next generation!

We Are Not Alone: Tuesday, September 7, 1pm-2pm---Alien Abduction

Marilyn Ruben will guest on this episode of We Are Not Alone. Marilyn
is the webmaster for "Alien Abduction Experience and Research"
(http://www.abduct.com/), the largest site on the web that deals with
the alien abduction experience. She has been an alien experiencer
herself since early childhood and relates some of her encounters with
the unknown. If our listeners have had unexplained events in their
lives and feel they might be a party to this phenomenon, Marilyn will
will lead you to a survey at her site that may answer that question for you.

Muruga & The Rain Forest Band LIVE on "Motor Live @ 5:00pm" Thursday

Be sure to listen in to "Motor Live @ 5:00pm" Thursday, September 2nd for the live performance and interview of Muruga & the Rain Forest Band! Muruga Booker, also known as Steve Booker, is an American-born drummer and artist of Serbian decent. The Rainforest Band is a jam band that spans several genres, including jazz, rock, world music, R&B, and funk.

Special Guests on "Play it By Ear" tonight! 10pm-Midnight

On Tuesday, August 31st from 10pm to Midnight, the Play it By Ear Show welcomes special guests Lester Collie, Jr. and Glenn Stevens from the Detroit Bass Fest. The festival will be held Friday, Sept 3rd with the showtime of 6:00pm, doors at 4:00pm.

This is the first ever of its kind and it will also be educational as all bass players are welcome to bring their bass and join in. Detroit's own Ralphe Armstrong will perform at this event as well as nationally known, Gerald Veasley, Anthony Wellington, and Doug Johns.

Singer/Songwriters Sue Fink & Patti Ecker and Writer Carey Wallace On WHFR Saturday, August 28

Tune in to "No Boys A-Loud" noon Saturday when host Lynn welcomes singer/songwriters Sue Fink and Patti Ecker. With great music and lyrics, these Chicago ladies know how to add a little humor when they want to get out a message.

"Friends of Belle Isle" Featured on "IMPACT" this Tuesday at 1pm

Plese join "IMPACT" with host Kristin Risbeck this Tuesday at 1pm as she interviews non-profit organization "Friends of Belle Isle" where they will be discussing the past history and current state of the park as well as upcoming events that you can get involved in!

"Ride for Kids®" Featured on "Saturday Spontaneity" -- Saturday, August 21

When a friend's child was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Mike and Dianne Traynor started the "Ride for Kids®" program in Atlanta, GA in 1984.

The success of the first "Ride for Kids®" event in Atlanta led to the program's expansion to Chicago in 1989.

There are now 43 rides across the country.

With the support of America's motorcyclists, the program raises awareness and funds to pay for research in the nation’s leading brain-tumor-research centers.

Camille Procassini "The Psychic Next Door" on "Metaphysically Speaking" -- 1pm Tuesday, August 17

Professional clairvoyant and certified hypnotherapist Camille Procassini joins host Mike Holloway on the August edition of "Metaphysically Speaking".

Enjoying a highly respected and successful private-reading practice, Camille regularly conducts readings and workshops on empowerment areas such as "Manifesting Your Dreams", "Dream Interpretation", and "Working with Universal Signs".

Working as an advisor with local and federal law enforcement agencies, Camille has been featured on ABC News and various radio programs nationwide.

Tuesday Time Changes: "One Chord To Another" / "Floating In A Tin Can"

Today is NOT the last edition of "One Chord To Another". It's the last show Tuesdays 2pm-4pm. Join host Jeff today at 2pm for the final daytime show. Then, when "One Chord To Another" moves to its new timeslot Friday, August 13, midnight-2am, you'll hear the same great sounds with the same great host, Jeff!

Next Tuesday, August 17, 2pm-4pm hear host Jimmy and "Floating In A Tin Can" in its new Tuesday daytime timeslot. Signoff of the Wednesday, 10pm-midnight slot is scheduled for 2200 hours, 11 August 2010.

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