8-4-15, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum--"We Are Not Alone"

Local host David Twichell interviews Jennifer Stein, a filmmaker and entrepreneur whose UFO documentaries have won 4 EBE Awards at the EBE Film Festival held every year at the International UFO Congress in Arizona. Her latest documentary is entitled “Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton.” His alien abduction incident on November 5th 1975 was one of the best investigated and documented cases in history, inspiring the movie “Fire in the Sky.” Remember after broadcast this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

7-28-14, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum--IMPACT!

Local host Betty Daniels showcases three local events of non-profit groups: ArtSpace Dearborn will soon be taking applications for new residents in historical east downtown Dearborn; Life Remodeled will be revitalizing Detroit's Osborn High School and its neighborhood August 3-9; and the Dearborn Police Department will host the 2015 National Night Out for Crime” on Aug. 4th. Remember you can listen to this show any time after broadcast as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows—Tuesday Forum--(select date).

7-24-15, 6-8 PM: Space Is the Place--Tribute to DIETER MOEBIUS

Host Tom Wilson presents a Very Special tribute to the late pioneer of electronic music German-Swiss musician Dieter Moebius who just passed away July 20th, 2015. Along with his bandmates Hans-Joachim Rodelius and Michael Rother in the genre-defining groups Cluster and Harmonia, Moebius trailblazed a path in creating Krautrock, Kosmiche Musik and Ambient Electronic Music. Tonight--a fitting celebration of the life and music of Dieter Moebius.

7-21-15, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum--Metaphysically Speaking

Join host Mike Holloway and his special guest, Adrianna--she is an Intuitive Medium, Author, Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach. Hear how Adrianna got her start as a psychic and how she communicates with different life forms, whether it be human, animal or plant. She also speaks about the Sacred Triad which has influenced her for many years. Remember you can listen to this show any time after broadcast as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows—Tuesday Forum--(select date).

7-18-15, Noon to 2 PM: No Boys Aloud

Sometimes things just work out the way they should. Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke had a last-minute emergency last week and missed No Boys A-Loud. But they're on air with Lynn this Saturday and have even more to talk about following Concert of Colors, a new CD, and a special-recognition plaque presented by Rep. George Darany at Concert of Colors. Christine Albert from Swan Songs joins in at 1:15p to talk about her amazing organization which comforts the dying and their families.

Wych Elm Come A-Guitarin' on The Motor Live Drive @5 Thursday July 16, 2015

Please get ready to cheer, clap, stomp, and just have a good time. That's what Wych Elm exist to bring out of you. If you see fit to share in the rollickin' fun, the bearded laughing man will be waiting. Stream live at 5p.m., or download the podcast any time you wish starting at 6:02p.m. Why? Because after 30 years, we're just getting started!

7-14-14, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum-- IMPACT!

Michigan Ride for Kids' Task Force Managers Danny & Susan Featheringill join host Lynn to discuss this year's August 2nd event. Want to break out that motorcycle? Help a kid with a brain tumor have a great day? Volunteer behind the scenes? Learn how to do all of the above when you listen to IMPACT! Remember, if you miss the show, tune in to the podcast right here on WHFR.FM; click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

WHFR at 2015 Concert of Colors at the Max M. Fisher Music Center Saturday (July 11) and Sunday (July 12) - BROADCASTING all the Diversity Stage Acts!

WHFR is proud to be part of the annual Concert of Colors music festival again this year. As always, we will be broadcasting all the acts from the Diversity Stage including: Spirits Rising (Contemporary native folk); Corktown Popes (rock); The Infatuations (R&B/rock); DJ Alsultany (Techno); Playdate (rock for kids); Lola Morales Sean Blackman Quintet (Latin fusion); Gnawa Diffusion (Gnawa/reggae/groove); and La Chiva Gantiva (Latin fusion).

WHFR will be in the lobby of The Max giving away program schedules, pens, stickers along with selling some WHFR merchandise. WHFR will be at the Concert of Colors Festival on Saturday and Sunday starting at 1pm both days. The Max M. Fisher Music Complex is located at 3711 Woodward Ave. in Midtown Detroit. For more information check out the Concert of Colors website: http://www.concertofcolors.com/

6-30-15, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum SPECIAL--Peace Talk Radio

From NPR and Good Radio Shows Inc,. a non-profit organization, we present the April 2015 episode of Peace Talk Radio: "Love or Anger: Which Motivates Us Most?" If you can't catch this broadcast, remember you can listen anytime after broadcast to the podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

6-26-15, 9 AM to 2 PM: SPECIAL Remote Broadcast!

WHFR will be at the Dearborn Farmers and Artists Market, Friday, June 26, broadcasting live reports and interviews every half hour between 10 AM and 1 PM, then doing the entire "WHFR Journal" show from 1-2 PM with special guest, MI Rep. George Darany. NOTE: "Big Band and Beyond" will provide the music between reports until 1 PM, and "Democracy Now" (usually from noon to 1PM) will not be carried this week. Come on down and visit our table. Free parking in West Dearborn these days!

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