Hip-Hop will be CONSCIOUS, courtesy of 'Nique LoveRhodes on Motor Live Drive @5; 9-17-15

Inspiring, thought provoking, and socially relevant…classic hip-hop from a female MC is back! With her debut album, Against All Odds: The Epic, ‘NiqueLoveRhodes combines smooth vocal delivery with penetrating lyrical content. Appearing with a full band as well as her DJ, this is poised to be quite the event. But then this WHFR, where after 30 years, we're just gettin' started!

Meet Peggy Sue Dyer on Metaphysically Speaking, 1pm, Tuesday, September 15

Metaphysically Speaking's guest this month is Peggy Sue Dyer, Myomassologist and Transformational Life Coach. Peggy and host Mike Holloway discuss the benefits of massage therapy and how rewarding it is to help others. She also talks about the perks of working as a Transformational Life Coach. Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 1pm for this edition of Metaphysically Speaking, right here on WHFR. Remember, if you miss the broadcast, you can catch the podcast any time after 2pm, Tuesday, September 15.

9-11-15, 1-2 PM: WHFR Journal--with HFC President Stan Jensen

It's back to school time, and especially exciting for the 18,000 students at Henry Ford College. Special guest President Stan Jensen will update us on the "State of the College." Plus, afterwards, our usual in-depth news and alternative views about Dearborn and the surrounding areas. Remember, this show is archived on this website as a podcast which can be listened to anytime after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--WHFR Journal--(select date).

Eric Gonzales Has A Testimony To Share, on the Motor Live Drive @5 for 9-10-15

Eric Gonzales is a young musician who embodies the question, "Why do we fall down? So we can learn how to pick ourselves back up!" From sharing his story at the open mic The Dovetail, to all around the world, his journey will be shared on the only station makin' waves, Thursday, September 10, 2015, at 5p.m. Join us.

9-8-15, 1-2 PM: IMPACT!

Find out what HFC Career Services can do for you when Lynn interviews Chad Austin on today's IMPACT! Are you an alum? You have job-search resources available for life! Remember if you miss the broadcast, you can catch the podcast any time after broadcast; click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

The Split are Straight Troopers, Find Out Why On The Motor Live Drive @5 Sept. 3, 2015

There was some concern as to The Split's ability to show up today. But they just re-wrote that adage, "The show must go on!" Tune in to hear great music, and a story of TRUE ironman resolve, right hear on The Station Makin' Waves, 89.3FM, today at five o'clock!


Halim El-Dabh

Please join Whfr.fm 89.3 FM and Tom Wilson, Host of "Space is the Place" fridays 6-8 p.m. on Friday 8-28-2015  for an Incredible Listening Opportunity as He Speaks Live via phone to Composer, Performer,Ethnomusicologist and Educator, Particularly Known as an Early Pioneer of Electronic Music, Halim El-Dabh

Robert Stark Shares his Acoustic Stylings on Motor Live Drive @5, 8-20-2015

We're pleased to welcome back to Studio Jay none other than Robert Stark. With two releases under his belt now, This I Know, and his self-titled CD, Robert returns with a far greater wealth of experience. Not to mention all of his time spent in so many open mics both in and out of the state. Also, quite notably, to great fanfare right down the road at Trinity House, our dear friends. Tune in and hear why he really is a troubadour of some renown, right here on the station makin' waves.

8-11-15, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum--IMPACT!

Do you know the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? Learn the difference when Lynn speaks with Rev. Maryjane Peck, a certified labyrinth facilitator. Good for the body and soul, walking the labyrinth, a form of meditation, has been shown to help relax walkers, improve concentration and problem solving. See what it means to you when you tune in to IMPACT! Remember you can listen to this show as a podcast from this website anytime after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

WHFR at 36th Annual Dearborn Homecoming Festival Friday - Sunday Aug 7-9 11am-8pm

WHFR is happy to part of the annual Dearborn Homecoming Festival again this year! WHFR's tent is located across from the Carnival area near the bridge. Our tent will full of our purged CDs and vinyl records for a $1.00 donation each and WHFR merchandise to purchase. WHFR staff will be breaking into our normal broadcast to give reports from the festival enticing you come down to our tent and/or to Homecoming. Dearborn Homecoming is located in West Dearborn at Ford Field Park just north of Michigan Ave between Brady St and Monroe. The WHFR tent is open all three days from 11am until 8pm. Stop by and we'll give you a free WHFR pen and newsletter. For more information listen to WHFR or check out the Homecoming website http://www.cityofdearborn.org/homecoming

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