Jet Black Blonde ROARED through the Motor Live Drive Podcast for July 30, 2015

Live From Studio J

The tow-haired crooner from Memphis never had this much fun without a fried peanut-butter & bacon in one hand, and a revolver in the other! Jet Black Blonde believe in having a good time, and you'll be doggone if you can't HEAR it in this podcast. It really comes through! Best of all, while they did tracks from their current release, Follow Blind, they made a point to share tracks from their upcoming, as of yet untitled full-length. Listen as they go through their musical process before you, invite you to websites where you can get music, and tell you the history about these four gentleman who rate your attention. This is real rock 'n roll. Jet Black Blonde, from the station making waves. This is Motor Live Drive @5.