Wych Elm Brought A Bushel O' Fun to the Motor Live Drive Podcast for July 16, 2015

Live From Studio J

Wych Elm are a band that LIVE fun. You cannot keep a dour, sad, or grim countenance when Wych Elm play. Don't get the wrong impression, they include serious themes when the mood strikes, but their execution is just most vibrant, joyous affair. Predominantly acoustic, featuring a traveling harp and double bass, the crunch of an electric guitar brings immediacy that says "Rock n roll is loved here." Along with folk and a bluegrass feel, Wych Elm gave us gems from their most recent release,Songs For Nobody, as well as sneak peeks from their upcoming venture,Pop 'N Sizzle. Be sure to stream, or download, this podcast. Then you'll have plenty of reason to head out to Ann Arbor's Green Thing's Farm any Thursday to see just how much fun they are live. Just remember your journey began with Motor Live Drive @5, from The Only Station Making Waves, WHFR.fm