case managerz Shut the Files on EDM Motor Live Drive Podcast for March 19, 2015

Live From Studio J

This was LONG overdue, but well worth the wait! case managerz, cm3 and cm84, just came in here and rocked the house off the FOUNDATION. Oh these guys delivered. We're not talking about just scratching turntables, not that there's anything wrong with that by any means. They brought some classic analog synths no one has seen since the 1980s in here, along with their laptop, and just ripped it. I mean they could have given The Gorillaz lessons they were getting off so hard. If you're serious about techno, progressive, house, EDM, whatever you want to call it, don't you dare pass up this download. Don't you dare pass up seeing these guys in concert. These are the case managerz. This is Motor Live Drive @ 5. Believe that.