WHFR PRESENTS: Frank Zappa And His Influences


On the inside cover of the Mothers of Invention's first album, Freak Out, Frank Zappa wrote "These People Have Contributed Materially in Many Ways to Make Our Music What it is. Please Do Not Hold it Against Them."

The Sunday, June 9 edition of WHFR PRESENTS will feature the music of Frank Zappa and some of his influences and inspirations that span many genres of music and art. Along with Frank, you may hear the music of Cecil Taylor (avant-garde), Sonny Boy Williamson (blues), Eric Dolphy (jazz), Edgar Varese (avant-classical) and/or Bob Dylan (folk).

Tune in Sunday June 9 from 4-7pm EDT for this musical trip, as part of WHFR PRESENTS featuring a rotating cast of deejays focusing on specific themes each week. Stay tuned to this website to find out what Is happening each week.

WHFR PRESENTS airs every Sunday beginning at 4:00 pm with a rotating cast of WHFR DJs, taking in-depth looks into the many genres of music that WHFR has to offer. Tune in at 89.3 on the FM dial in Dearborn/Detroit and surrounding communities, or listen anywhere via our online streamer.