Featured on our November 13 show are six tales of detective adventures.
All are from the CBS Network.

We start with a series that has only become available during the past couple years and had been extremely rare previously. Now we have over 40 episodes. MR. CHAMELEON is the police officer who uses disguises to trap criminals played by Joseph Kearns.

Following that, we feature another show that actually had a cult following. When CBS cancelled YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR, public outcry forced the network to bring it back! Mandel Kramer stars as JOHNNY DOLLAR "the fabulous free-lance investigator" in two episodes from 1961.

Finally, SAM SPADE was the role that Humphrey Bogart made famous on film, but it also became extremely popular on radio. Howard Duff, however, plays Spade and owned role on radio with the versatile actress Lurene Tuttle as his secretary. We'll also feature two shows of that series from 1949.

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