Roll & Tumble Returns!

Take Two: Roll & Tumble is back on the air. They often ask, “What was the first rock and roll record made?” Some say Rocket 88 by Ike Turner and Jackie Breston from 1951. They called it R&B at the time. Whatever was first, it launched a period of time, from 1951 to the early 70's in music that may be unparalleled in terms of innovation and creativity. Sadly, much of the most creative and influential sounds from this period have been forgotten and ignored by mainstream radio.

Inspired by the great radio show, Buried Treasure by the late Tom Petty, Roll and Tumble hopes to put my own unique and personal stamp on the music. Blues, R&B, Early Rock & Roll, Garage, Psychedelic, Jazz/Rock Fusion; all may be heard by the likes of Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, King Curtis, Shadows of Knight, The Animals, Mothers of Invention, pre-DarkSide Pink Floyd and electric Miles Davis just to name a few. Birthday tributes, in depth discographies and special holiday shows all will be heard Mondays from 4-6pm on these radio airwaves here at WHFR.