Radio Vault Tuesday 10am-12pm: Abbot & Costello AND Baseball!

Today's Radio Vault Special Edition on WHFR at 10am is truly special.... this show came together in bits and pieces: First hour, the zaniness of Abbott & Costello when they had Frank Sinatra on their radio program.

The second hour, BASEBALL! We'll hear the first episode of the Babe Ruth Show with Jackson Beck (the voice of Superman) as the narrator. Next, Bill Stern the Colgate Shave Cream Man talks about the legendary Bob Feller.

Finally, speaking of legends, one of the most beloved sports guys in Detroit Radio (besides Rob Parker and Mark Wilson), Ernie Harwell, talks about how he got his first radio job back in the 1930s at WSB in Atlanta and then finally WJR in Detroit replacing Van Patrick thanks to his good friend, George Kell. He says that was the best move of his career. This is excerpted from Ernie's Audio Scrapbook which you can still order (mine is autographed by Mr Harwell!).

All this on the Radio Vault, Tuesday, 10am-12pm only on WHFR-FM.