Punk from Down Under

If you aren’t aware the folks down in Australia have been doing lately, and have an interest in punk or garage rock then I have a few bands for you. First, let me give a short description of the sound you get from these bands, its like revved up fast, high energy punky garage rock. Take away the harmonies and typical production aesthetics over used in pop punk and leave the attitude and energy.

Drunk Mums: Punk with a dose of western guitar sound.
-Songs: Chitty Chitty, Vitamin D, Rubbing Your Gums

The Chats: Fast, fun, and full of humour.
-Songs: Smoko, Identity Theft, AC/DC CD

Amyl and the Sniffers: Hard and fast with ferocious female lead vocals.
-Songs: Some Mutts (Can’t be Muzzled), Got You, Balaclava Lover Boogie

Gee Tee: Super fuzzy egg punk from Sydney.
-Songs: Cops N’ Robbers, FBI, Livin’ in the Future