Check Out Our Fun Radiothon Pledge Levels

We have some "fun fact" Radiothon pledge levels this year to go along with our theme of "WHFR - Your Home Grown Radio Station." Thanks in advance for your pledge of support!
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$270 Pledge: WHFR's Power Level – We broadcast at 270 watts of power on the FM radio dial. This level Includes TWO Engraved Brass Leaves* on the WHFR Family Tree, located on the main wall outside of the WHFR Studios in Dearborn. Consider one for you and one to dedicate to someone else!
$100 Pledge: WHFR's Tower Level – Fun fact: Our broadcast tower is 100 feet tall.
$35 Pledge: WHFR's 35th Birthday Level – Celebrate our 35th birthday with us – Woohoo!

Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Click on the WHFR donation link to make your secure online contribution today. All donors will receive our BRAND NEW special WHFR Radiothon Sticker as a thank you!