Special Radiothon Homegown Musical Spotlight:Windy + Carl and Labour Day Weekend

WHFR is reaffirming our commitment to HomeGrown local and independent music during Radiothon 2021 and we are focusing on two bands we have nurtured throughout their career.

Two of the most celebrated Dearborn area bands – space-rock ambient duo Windy & Carl and punk band Labour Day Weekend – will be featured in a special way throughout the week, from April 19-24, 2021.

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Windy & Carl have been fans of WHFR before they started performing as a duo in 1993.
WHFR was the first radio station to play their music and we've continued to play and support them in their long musical career.

Labour Day Weekend is a younger Dearborn-area band that played on Live from Studio J back in January, 2018, and during a WHFR benefit show in 2019. They have been around since 2014, creating Posi-Punk (that's positive punk).

Beginning on Monday April 19, and throughout Radiothon week, WHFR will feature short segments on each band ranging from their relationship to WHFR and why to support college radio to what they are most proud of musically and their plans for the future. Then on Saturday, April 24, as we wrap up our on-air portion of Radiothon, we'll air an hour-long show featuring their music and more from their interviews.

Labour Day Weekend's show will air at 12pm and 4pm, and will include new music from their unfinished upcoming album plus acoustic tracks performed by vocalist, songwriter & guitar player Joe Kaminski.

Windy & Carl's show will air at 1pm and 5pm, and feature their first space folk single "Water Song / Dragonfly" and selections from their 2020 film noir-inspired Allegiance and Conviction album.