Metaphysically Speaking Today

Be sure to listen to the next fascinating edition of "Metaphysically Speaking" today, Tuesday July 19th at 1:00pm, when host Mike Holloway and his special guest, Tricia White, discuss Tarot cards and her experiences as a medium. Tricia describes her Tarot card techniques along with some of the results she has had. She even shares some very interesting stories about how she has been able to obtain visions and impressions while simply going on about her daily routine. Tricia maintains that life is simply one big classroom. Everyone is here on Earth in order to learn certain lessons in order to progress in life. Tricia was also one of our readers at WHFR's "The Festival of Enlightenment Holistic Fair" in late March 2011. Once again, please listen to Metaphysically Speaking on Tuesday July 19th at 1pm.