Our 200th show of "Motor Live Drive @ 5", Thursday, 5-6pm, March 10th!

This week marks our 200th "Motor Live Drive @ 5" with Carnival Girl featuring veteran rockers Serana Verlin and Gary Adams. WHFR started the "Motor Live Drive @ 5" in January 2007 and have had a live band in the studio almost every week since. Currently, hosted by Mr. White, Margaret, and sound engineer Alan Contino it's been a welcomed challenge to bring in the best music in town and have it ready for broadcast at 5 pm every Thursday. With all the great Motor City musicians it has been gratifying to give them a live opportunity to showcase their talent over the air! The pod casts for the Motor Live Drive began in December 2007 and are available on our web site or find a full list and links at www.myspace.com/motorlivedrive/blog