MAGGIE ST. THOMAS special guest on "The Wrekking Hours", Monday 4-6pm, February 14th

Join the Gothabillie Man, Your Friendly Neighborhood Beatnik for a special guest on the Wrekking Hours, Photo Journalist Extraordinaire, Maggie St. Thomas.

Originally from Dearborn, Miss St. Thomas has become a successful photo journalist and Rock photographer in the LA area. Her photos grace the covers of publications such as Rockabilly Magazine and High Times while her journalistic photos have been distributed around the world in numerous publications. Featuring artists like, The Ramones, Snoop Dog, Cheech & Chong, Culture Club, Blondie, Blink 182, BB King, Bauhaus, The Cramps, Maggie St. Thomas has captured some of the best performances.

This year Miss St. Thomas has returned to her home town of Dearborn to perform and showcase her work at Detroit's own, Dirty Show. She will be performing Monday night at 9.30pm shortly after a visit with the Gothabillie Man in the WHFR studios from 4 to 6.

Tune in for this exclusive interview of the life and times of a professional rock photographer who has spent almost too much time back stage with some of music's most infamous stars.

That's Monday 4-6pm for the Wrekking Hours on "the Station Making Waves", 89.3fm or online at