"The Bell Beat" LIVE on "Motor Live Drive @ 5"---Thursday, 5-6pm, January 20th

"Sprawling psych-pop-folk collective polishes the jangle 'n' bash with hooks and harmonies to soothe the savage bohemian. The kind of thing that could be a good backdrop for bar-brawling fun… Dashes of harmonica, twittering keyboards, female backing vocals and a well-defined rhythm section… [The Bell Beat] pretty much incorporate all the successful dimensions of American pop."

Beginning as "Sh! The Octopus," a solo project of singer/guitarist Randy Bishop in Detroit, Michigan, USA in July of 2003. Bishop recruited guitarist and former band mate Andy Stachowiak in late 2005. Drummer Joel Pearson and bassist Chris Sesta joined the project in the spring/summer of 2006. Vocalist/Keyboardist Marina Trejo joined July of 2009. Sh! The octopus became The Bell Beat in May of 2010.

The Bell Beat's debut The Carrot Chase was released (while the band was named "Sh! The Octopus") in July of 2007.

The band maintains an official website at: www.thebellbeat.com