Evolving Shiatsu Practitioner CRAIG PARIAN on "Metaphysically Speaking", 1-2pm Tuesday, January 18th

On the next edition of "Metaphysically Speaking", Mike Holloway's special guest will be Craig Parian. Craig is an Evolving Shiatsu Practitioner. Shiatsu ("shi" meaning finger and "atsu" meaning pressure) is a hands-on form of physical massage therapy which was developed in Japan. Shiatsu is akin to Chinese acupuncture in that its purpose is to improve the flow of energy, known as "qi" (pronounced chee) throughout the body, along energy pathways known as meridians, and bring the body into harmony with itself. However, Shiatsu uses only finger massage along with body movement at various points - instead of needles, like acupuncture - to help improve and heal body function. Be sure to tune in and listen as Craig explains, among other things, what Shiatsu is, how it is always evolving, its modern development and how it benefits the body.