Yoga expert JIM PERO on "Metaphysically Speaking" 1-2pm, Tuesday, Oct. 19th

On the next edition of "Metaphysically Speaking", Mike Holloway's guest will be Jim Pero. Mr. Pero is a yoga instructor and president of the non-profit organization Yoga 4 Peace based in Southgate, Michigan. Jim has been practicing hatha yoga and meditation for almost twenty years. On the show, Mike and Jim will discuss the health benefits associated with yoga and meditation for the body, mind and spirit. This includes such things as nutrition, breathing and the actual practice of yoga itself. They also talk about the fact that, aside from teaching yoga at his yoga studio in Southgate, Jim just recently began teaching a yoga class at Henry Ford Community College this semester in the Physical Education Department. Be sure to listen to this months edition of "Metaphysically Speaking" for a fascinating discussion of yoga and how it can improve your health.