Three Jazz Geniuses -- John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra -- On Special 6-Hour Edition of "Spirits Rejoice/Play It By Ear" -- 6pm, Tuesday June 29

The mid 50's anticipated many changes in the world of jazz. With musicians seeking to expand the boundaries of the music, influences from the avant-garde arts being incorporated, and social/political changes on the horizon, the world of jazz was ready for an explosion.

John Coltrane was already established as an innovator in post-bop jazz through his own music and his work with Miles Davis. Cecil Taylor was already exploring new chord structures and utilizing dissonance into the works of Monk and Ellington as well as his original compositions. Sun Ra had settled in Chicago and established his own El Saturn record label, exploring new forms to large ensemble music.

By 1960, these three innovators had turned the world of jazz upside down and challenged the notion of a singular style known as "jazz". Their recording output is monumental; each one could easily fill a 24-hour radio day with unique music.

We'll only skim the surface for a quick view, but let's spend six hours with these three geniuses on Tuesday June 29, featuring the music of John Coltrane from 6-8pm, Cecil Taylor from 8-10pm, and Sun Ra from 10pm-Midnight on the "Spirits Rejoice/Play it By Ear" programs hosted by Pat Frisco.