Certified Face Reader and Author Lin Klaassen on "Metaphysically Speaking" -- 1pm Tuesday, May 18

Face reading is based on a correlation between the structure of the face and the character or personality of an individual. Also known as "Physiognomy" or "Personology", face reading has been practiced around the world for 3000 years. Statistically, face reading is 92% accurate.

Lin Klaassen has been involved with face reading for 17 years. She assists trial lawyers in jury selection, corporations in sales and personnel advice, and life coaching. While working as an area manager for a beauty supply chain, Lin started using face reading as a way to hire and train employees.

Join host Mike Holloway tomorrow for a fascinating discussion with Lin Klaassen. And don't forget to check out WHFR's "The Festival of Enlightenment Holistic Fair" this Saturday, May 22. For more information about the holistic fair, click the link on this page, or contact Mike Holloway at 313-317-6540 or holistic2010@peoplepc.com.