WHFR is continually modifying our broadcast schedule to bring you live shows hosted by in-studio DJs. Go With The Flow is our most recent "return-to-the-airwaves" program, offering Rockin' Blues on Fridays from 4:00-6:00 PM.

Quartermaster Joseph Foster was on deck of a Coast Guard cutter in 1968 when he saw three objects careening at 3500 miles per hour over his Coast Guard cutter, the Mellon. Just ten minutes later, he learned of the sinking of a Soviet submarine, carrying three armed nuclear ballistic missiles and torpedoes, lost with all hands. Actually, he witnessed at least 4 major UAP events, beginning as early as childhood.  Join our discussion on Monday, Sept. 6 at 2PM. EST.
We Are Not Alone is a two-time award-winning radio show airing at its new time and day: the first Monday of each month at 2:00 PM EST with new shows each month.

On Tuesday, August 31, from 5-9pm EDT, the Spirits Rejoice Radio Program will celebrate Cooper-Moore's 75th birthday with four hours of his music.

Cooper-Moore (born Gene Ashton, August 31, 1946, in Loudon County, Virginia) is well known in the creative jazz world for his brilliant work on piano and the many instruments that he has hand built over the years. Collaborations with William Parker, David S. Ware, Susie Ibarra, Assif Tsahar, Hamid Drake and many others have propelled him to be one of the most creative and beloved artists of his genre.

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After being a WHFR Staff Member since 1992 and WHFR's Operation Manager since 1998, I have taken a position at Governors State University in University Park, Illinois (just south of Chicago). I will be a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Media Studies focusing on Audio Storytelling at Governors State. Additionally, I will be developing a radio station for them: first, an internet station and then a broadcast station. I wouldn't be able take this position if it wasn't for all my years at WHFR and the support from the staff, officers, and management.

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Residents of Dearborn who experienced losses due to a flooding/sewer backup issue at your location on June 25 or 26 have until Monday September 13 to file a separate claim with FEMA to receive potential financial assistance from the federal government even if they have filled out a form with the City.

With the recent storms blowing through Metro-Detroit, WHFR sustained some weather damage to our transmitter. Our FM broadcast is off-line at this time, but you can still stream WHFR live from anywhere via the internet at whfr.fm. Please continue to check for updates and we hope to have the issue resolved soon. Thank you!

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In the last 24 hours we have had issues with the power to our transmitter which has caused periodic interruptions to our broadcast single at 89.3 on the FM dial.

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Following the recent primary election we want to remind you that your vote is just as important in this election as it is in any other election. Throughout the state of Michigan, residents in 54 counties cast ballots on August 3rd.

Guest: Tom Warner
Tom Warner was abducted and taken aboard a UAP in 1969 (and later as well) in the presence of multiple witnesses. The events are chronicled in his autobiography “Beyond the Stars” and in the Netflix series Unsolved Mysteries, “Berkshire UFO”. Tom relates his harrowing experiences to host David Twichell at 2PM EST on We Are Not Alone. Tune in and join us.