Family Tree

Your participation in the WHFR Family Tree campaign will help everyone involved at WHFR to continue our mission.

The renovation plans for the Student Center were being finalized as the WHFR Fine Arts studio was at its bursting point: over 15,000 CD''s in our music library and over 100 hours a week of "live" shows. With the "new millennium" came the answer to our needs: WHFR would be going "home" to the new Student Center with a new, much improved, and larger facility, now to be an integral and professional part of the life of HFCC. This is truly a Homecoming that the whole community can take part in, and benefit from, every day.

WHFR Radio serves its listeners and student volunteers as a fully-functioning FM radio station. Yet, keeping up with the ever-changing broadcast technology and maintenance of our present equipment requires substantial financial support. HFCC allots WHFR a budget similar to that of other College-sponsored activities--the theater program, the band and vocal music program, and the newspaper, for example. The rest must come from various fund-raising events and activities: our annual March Radiothon, CD and logo-item sales at Dearborn Homecoming, as well as non-commercial business sponsorships called "underwriting."

The future is rich in excitement at WHFR, but the financial challenges are many. Our move into new facilities in the HFCC Student Center brings with it more space and opportunities for professional growth but also a sizable equipment, supply, and maintenance requirement.

The WHFR Family Tree is the station''s most ambitious fundraiser to date. The Tree is being proudly displayed next to the WHFR station entrance in the new Student Center as proof of support from the unique efforts of al WHFR members, both past and present. Our goal is to have any person who''s been touched in some way by WHFR (alumni, station officers, DJ's, underwriters, loyal listeners) be recognized by a leaf on our Tree, becoming an official part of the WHFR Family. Your participation in the WHFR Family Tree campaign will help everyone involved at WHFR to continue our mission.

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