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Kay Young This Here Feels Good
Apophis Apophis
Tricky Woo Sometimes I Cry

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Far From Home by Rick Margitza

10/24/2021 - 10:35am
Sacred Hearts


The 21st Annual Homelessness Marathon will air from 10am to midnight Eastern
time today! Founded in 1998, the broadcast will be
carried by about 40 non-commercial radio stations coast-to-coast. This year's
broadcast has been produced in conjunction with WMBR, the radio station of MIT.

The Marathon will have many, many interesting guests (a schedule is
attached). These will include Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern; Cheri Honkala,
head of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign; Mass. State Rep. Mike
Connolly and Poor People's Campaign co-chair Rev. Liz Theoharis.

From WHFR General Manager Susan McGraw:
Hello WHFR listeners. Due to extreme heat and to reduce energy usage Henry Ford College in Dearborn is going to be closed from Thursday evening through Monday morning, July 22nd. Please go to for updates on the college's hours.

With the closing of campus, WHFR will air Classical 24, our standard overnight programming, live from Public Radio International throughout the weekend. As a precaution, our local DJs are not able to be in studio for our regularly scheduled programming while the campus is closed. Please tune in for all of your favorite shows beginning again on Monday morning. If anything changes, we'll keep you posted. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy our lovely classical programming this weekend.

If you're in need of cooling center information, here is a link to the Wayne County cooling sites listing:

Be safe, check on your neighbors, and stay cool!

Be sure to tune in for the next edition of "The Go with The Flow, Mike Holloway Show", Friday July 26th 4 - 6 p.m., for a fascinating interview with the legendary "Godfather of British Blues" Mr. John Mayall! John talks about how he got started with the blues and his career in music. It's an interesting and informative discussion that you will not want to miss!

Listen as WHFR broadcasts from the Rivera Court at the Detroit Institute of Arts for the 27th annual Concert of Colors!

For a full schedule of performers, go to

All Fourth of July we will be playing one The Grateful Dead's final shows recorded back in 2015! This is the full recording from the Fare There Well shows when the core four reunited in Chicago one last time as The Grateful Dead for one final weekend to celebrate 50 years since the start of the long strange trip!

Executive Director of The Mutual UFO Network Mr. Jan Harzan will join host David Twichell on Tuesday, July 2. They will discuss MUFON’s 50th birthday and its upcoming Symposium in Irvine, California later this month. We’ll also discuss the latest revelation in Ufology which is the Pentagon’s admission that they have been studying UFOs ever since they denied studying UFOs. Join us on Tuesday, July 2 at 12 noon. Remember after the broadcast this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

Paul Hellyer will be our guest on Tuesday, June 4 at 1PM EST. Mr. Hellyer is the former minister of defense for Canada in the 1960's, and the first person of Cabinet rank to make the statement, "UFO's are as real as the airplanes overhead." He has written several books mostly of a political and financial nature. However, two of his latest books are "The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis" and "Hope Restored: An Autobiography." Both of which refer to the UFO phenomenon and their impact on our civilization. Join us for the discussion.

Be sure to tune in for the next edition of "The Go with the Flow, Mike Holloway Show" on Friday May 17th, for a very special phone interview at 4:15 pm with the young up and coming British blues rock guitarist and vocalist (and current Detroit resident) Joanne Shaw Taylor! Her latest CD "Reckless Heart" - which was recorded in Detroit - will also be featured on the show! It is an interview that you will not want to miss! Once again, that's "The Go with the Flow, Mike Holloway Show" 4 to 6 pm, Friday May 17th.

Pat Frisco sits in for Mike Intemann this Mother's Day to play some classic tracks to celebrate your favorite mother's! Whether they be of Invention, your own, or some other dad joke/pun.

Tune in Sunday at 1pm!

Kathleen Marden is a leading UFO researcher, the author of several books and an international lecturer. Her interest in UFOs and contact began in 1961, when her aunt and Uncle Betty and Barney Hill, where reportedly abducted in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. We discuss her work with alien abductees and her latest book, “Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You’ve Been Abducted” which is slated for publication later this year. Remember after the broadcast this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).