Don "Doop" Duprie from Doop & the Inside Outlaws - Special RADIOTHON 2011 guests on "The Lost Highway", Saturday 10am-Noon, April 16th

Please call in and pledge your support as Don "Doop" Duprie helps out with our RADIOTHON 2011 pledge drive on "The Lost Highway", Saturday morning 10am-Noon, April 16th. Please help support artists like "Doop" by supporting the station that plays them! 89.3 WHFR is proud to be a non-commercial station with a mission of alternative programming heard little elsewhere in the Dearborn/Detroit area. Please help keep us on the air!

313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option#1
OR click on the above link to donate online!

RADIOTHON 2011 "LIVE BLUES BENEFIT" Saturday, 9pm-1am April 16th

Please join us for a great night of music featuring three veteran blues artists at the New Place Lounge in Dearborn, Saturday, April 16th from 9:00pm-1:00am. The New Place Lounge is located at 22723 Michigan Avenue. Only a $5 donation at the door with all proceeds to benefit WHFR. Food and beverages are available for purchase. This event is for 21yrs and older only please. LIVE bands performing are:

The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine
Charles "Buddy" Smith and Resurrected
Rev. Marc Falconberry

Hope to see you there!

Dearborn Mayor O'Reilly to be on expanded "WHFR Journal," 4-15-11

Our Radiothon 2011 expanded edition of our local news & views weekly show, "The New WHFR Journal," will feature an in-depth interview with Dearborn Mayor John B. O'Reilly, Jr., discussing the state of the city--and what needs to be done to fix the financial crisis. The show will be from 1-3 PM, to accommodate the Mayor's busy schedule; his interview will be during the second hour. NOTE: our archive/podcast of the show will present only the Mayor's interview.

BUDDY SMITH performing LIVE on "Motor Live Drive @ 5", Thursday, 4-6pm April 14th

Please listen and call in while BUDDY SMITH performs live for a special RADIOTHON 2011 edition of "Motor Live Drive @ 5". Buddy Smith will also be performing at our "WHFR Blues Benefit" on Saturday, April 16th at New Place Lounge in West Dearborn. If you appreciate live, local music, then we hope you appreciate WHFR. Please call your pledge in now. Thank you for your support!

313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option #1

"Motor" giveaways for RADIOTHON 2011 - they won't last long! Thursday 4-6pm, April 14th

Get ready to call in and support a non-commercial radio show that has brought you over 200 LIVE performances from local bands around Metro Detroit and beyond. Some of the items being given to pledgers are:

  • Tickets for "Mysterians" performing THIS Saturday at the Magic Bag with the "Ruins"
  • Atomic Panda Backpacks - hand crafted by "The White RAvens"
  • Band T-Shirts
  • CD's & of course our WHFR logo item incentives

Tune in for more details: 89.3fm or via web
313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option #1

BLUES CDs being offered to pledgers on "Bluestime" , Thursday Noon-2pm, April 14th

In addition to our awesome WHFR logo items, Mr. White has some additional BLUES music incentives for you. 89.3 is one of the last stations in the Metro Detroit area to continue offering individual shows that are devoted to keeping Blues Music on the air. Please show YOUR devotion by calling and pledging your support during "Bluestime" for our RADIOTHON 2011. Thank you.

313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option #1
OR click on the above link to donate online!

"Theme Attic" giving out a limited supply of CD's during RADIOTHON 2011, Thursday 10am-Noon, April 14th

Are you enjoying DJ Phil Maq and his clever musical takes within a certain theme? You can only find a show like this on non-commercial 89.3, and we need your support to keep shows like this here and more coming your way. We appreciate your generosity! Please call -

313.845.9676 Option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 Option #1
OR click on the above link to donate online!

Classical Music is a Valued Part of WHFR's Mission of Alternative Programming to Meet Community Needs -

WHFR wants to preserve the wide spectrum of historic and cultural heritage of classical music for you. Not only does classical music excite us intellectually as well as emotionally, it helps children perform better academically and has even been known to make houseplants grow better! WHFR brings more than 60 hours a week of CLASSICAL 24 for you to enjoy, but we need the financial support of listeners like you to donate to RADIOTHON 2011 to keep this wonderful music on the air. Please call now.....

313.845.9676 Option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option #1

VILLAGE FORD LEASE WEEKEND returns for 89.3fm Whfr's RADIOTHON 2011! April 10th-16th

Returning this year for RADIOTHON 2011 is our VILLAGE FORD LEASE WEEKEND promotion: If you’re a 21 or older licensed and insured driver, pledging $30 or more, you’re entered into a drawing to win a weekend lease of an exciting 2011 Ford vehicle from Dearborn's Village Ford.* So be sure to tune in, and to call in with your pledge during “Radiothon” 2011. Thank you!

313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option #1
OR Click on the above link to donate online!

*Drawing to take place by May 31st; vehicle lease weekend to be completed by June 30th, 2011.

Live Performance on "The Roots Project" -- Wednesday, April 13, 10am - Noon

DJ Alex welcomes singer-songwriter Joe Kidd and Jackleen Diana Eve to a very special edition of "The Roots Project" tomorrow morning at 10am.

Tune in for some great music; then call in and help us keep shows like this on the air by making your pledge to WHFR.FM.

Call 313-845-9676 Option #1 or call toll-free 1-800-585-HFCC (4322) ext. 9676 Option #1; or click on the above link to donate online!

Thank you for your support!

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