"One Chord to Another" now on every Tuesday evening 10pm-Midnight!

Check out some great indie music on "One Chord to Another" with Jeff now every Tuesday from 10pm-Midnight.

New time for "Wind on the Waves"! Listen in Mondays Noon-2pm

A wind instrument musical whirlwind where you will find plenty of jazz, big band, and more during "Wind on the Waves" every Monday afternoon Noon-2pm.

"The Flash Drive Jazz Show" now playing on Monday mornings 10am-Noon!

Get ready for a jazzy Monday morning with host Marc Anthony while at work, home, or out driving around. 10am-Noon

" The Sights" LIVE! on "Motor Live Drive @ 5", 5-6pm, Thursday, November 11th

Hailed by critics and fans alike, The Sights continue to build on an incredible legacy of uncanny blues-rock-power pop. Famed typhoon of rock and roll energy Eddie Baranek (guitar/vocals) is joined by Dave Lawson (bass/vocals), Gordon Smith (guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Skip Denomme (drums) to deliver incredible songwriting and electrifying live performances.

"Festival of Trees" Ticket Giveaway! Read more for details......

Listen to your favorite show on 89.3 Whfr.fm and call in to receive a free pair of tickets to the Festival of Trees fundraiser for Children's Hospital of Michigan. Whfr.fm is an official media sponsor of this non-profit event which takes place in Dearborn at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center November 21st-28th (Closed on Thanksgiving). Visit their website for more event information: www.fot.org

HFCC Campus Connection--1pm-2pm--Tuesday, November 9th

Join the HFCC Campus Connection on Tuesday, November 9th from 1-2pm and find out what is happening at Henry Ford Community College and the surrounding community!

"GRAVETOWN" performing LIVE on "Motor Live Drive@5", Thursday 5-6pm, November 4th

J. P. KOESTER returns once again with a brand new act...GRAVETOWN. Steeped in story tellin' Americana roots music, J. P. weaves twisted tales from the dark past, to the ever darkening future. Veteran "crack squad" GRAVETOWN puts the "Hammer Down" with J. ROTAY (drums), J. RUDZKE (bass), and the latest addition to the group hailing out of Littleton CO., THE RODMAN (guitar). Koester's previous bands: THE SPUTNIKS-GARGOYLE SOX- COUNTRY BOB & THE BLOODFARMERS- THE TRAPDOOR SPIDERS

WHFR is on Facebook

Stay connected with everything that is going on with WHFR on Facebook. Several WHFR DJs and Loyal Listeners use the WHFR Facebook page to let friends and listeners know about upcoming events, special shows, and more. You can click on the Facebook Logo on the right of this page to connect to the WHFR page or you can click on:

Either way, when you get to the WHFR Facebook page remember to click the "Like" button so you can stay connected with WHFR.

Today, Tuesday Nov 2 is Election Day - Vote

WHFR wants to remind our listeners to remember to Vote Today, Tuesday November 2. Polling precincts will be open until 8pm tonight. You can listen to some of our New WHFR Journal podcasts to hear some of the different candidates on the Dearborn Ballot.

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