Monday FORUM, 8-8-11, 6-7 PM: "Reverend" Billy

The Church of Life After Shopping (formerly known as the Church of Stop Shopping) is an activist performance group based in New York City, led by Reverend Billy, the stage name of Bill Talen. Using the form of a revival meeting, on sidewalks and in chain stores, Reverend Billy and his gospel choir exhort consumers to abandon the products of large corporations and mass media; the group also preaches a broader message of economic justice, environmental protection, and anti-militarism, protesting sweatshops and the Iraq War.

WHFR will be at the 32nd Annual Dearborn Homecoming Fri - Sat - Sun (Aug 5, 6, 7)

If it is the first weekend in August, then it means WHFR is at Dearborn Homecoming at Ford Field (in West Dearborn). As always, we will have our $1 donation purged CDs, along with WHFR merchandise to sell and Free pens and program guides. Plus all of our WHFR staff will be at our booth - so you could meet some of your favorite WHFR DJs! Look for our big blue WHFR Tent and check out our purge CDs. If you want to know more about Dearborn Homecoming check out their website for all of the music, food, and activities.

"Theme Attic" plays songs for "Homecoming" fun this week on Thursday, 10-Noon, August, 4th

"Theme Attic", the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, will focus in on songs that loosely feature the "home" and other activities as a kickoff to this weekend's Homecoming Festival! Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, August 4th at 10:00 AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Dr. David Jacobs will guest on WE ARE NOT ALONE Tuesday (August 2) 1-2 PM

Dr. David Jacobs PhD. is the Director of the International Center for Abduction Research. He is Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in twentieth century American history and culture. He has researched the UFO phenomenon since 1973 specializing in alien abductions. He has conducted nearly 900 hypnotic regressions with over 140 abductees. He is the author of “Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions”, “The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda” and “UFOs & Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge”.

Join your host, David Twichell, when we explore the frightening and bizarre secret lives that some people are forced to endure Tuesday from 1-2 PM on WHFR.

Monday FORUM, 6-7 PM: Philosophy Talk--What are words worth?

How do words shape our minds? Do the French suffer because they have no word for berry or cozy? Do we suffer because we have no word for schadenfreude? Why do we adopt new words, or give old words new meaning? Can we eliminate a concept by renaming it, or eliminating the word for it? Hosts Ken and John welcome back Geoff Nunberg, author of "The Years of Talking Dangerously," for a program recorded in front of a live audience at the Marsh theatre in San Francisco.

4th Annual WHFR Record Show looking for Vendors

On Saturday, October 8, WHFR will host its fourth Annual Record Show from 10am-4pm in the Student Center and Culinary Arts Building at HFCC. We are currently accepting applications for vendors, so if you want to set up shop for one afternoon to sell all that music you have laying around (records, CDs, cassettes, videos or other music related items) contact the show organizer at 313-845-9676 or You can also check out for more details about our Annual Record Show and dealer information and contract.

More summer fun on this week's "Theme Attic"! Thursday, 10-Noon, July 21st

This is the hottest week of the year -- it might be 100 degrees this Thursday, but "Theme Attic", the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about the selected subjects, will try to keep you cool to enjoy it! There will be songs about boating, fishing, water, and some other fun activities! Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, July 21st at 10:00 AM for his clever and unusual takes on music.

Metaphysically Speaking Today

Be sure to listen to the next fascinating edition of "Metaphysically Speaking" today, Tuesday July 19th at 1:00pm, when host Mike Holloway and his special guest, Tricia White, discuss Tarot cards and her experiences as a medium. Tricia describes her Tarot card techniques along with some of the results she has had. She even shares some very interesting stories about how she has been able to obtain visions and impressions while simply going on about her daily routine. Tricia maintains that life is simply one big classroom.

WHFR Monday FORUM for 7-18-11: "Philosophy Talk"

Today's Monday FORUM features the current episode of the long-running weekly series, "Philosophy Talk," with hosts Ken Taylor, Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University, and John Perry, Professor of Philosophy at the University of California-Riverside, whose down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach brings the richness of philosophic thought to everyday subjects. Topics are lofty, arresting, and engaging.

Concert of Colors -- WHFR is There! Today & Tomorrow

This weekend Detroit celebrates the 19th Annual "Concert of Colors" diversity festival. The diverse music includes Japanese, Arabic, American, Irish, Greek, classical, jazz, rock, soul, and so much more!

And WHFR is there! Starting at 3pm Saturday, July 16, and 5:30pm Sunday, July 17, WHFR takes the music from the Concert of Colors right to your radio!

So tune in to 89.3 this weekend and hear some of the best music from around the globe.

Better yet, come see us at the Max M. Fisher Center. You'll meet some of your favorite WHFR DJs and walk away with great WHFR swag!

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