Heavy metal show "Dark Recollections" looking for some "heavy" pledges, Monday 6-9pm, April 11th

Call now and pledge your support!
313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 Option #1
OR Click on the above link to donate online!

Radiothon 2011 special guest LITTLE ANDY joins "The Wrekking Hours", Monday 4-6pm, April 11th

Join "Your Friendly Neighborhood Beatnik, The Gothabillie Man" for a special "Wrekking Hours" today as local Psychobilly musician "Little Andy" joins in for this years Radiothon episode. Once upon a time firing up the double base and whaling out vocals for the Detroit Psychobilly band, "Dealing With Death", Little Andy is a psycho-greaser in the truest sense of Detroit Car and Cycle culture.

If you play a wind instrument...call in and pledge NOW to "Wind on the Waves" Monday, 1pm-4pm, April 11th

Bobby Breeze is a wind instrument fanatic and every Monday afternoon he brings you a wide variety to listen to! So if you play a wind instrument, or even just appreciate the fact that non-commercial 89.3 WHFR can bring you programs like this, then call Bobby Breeze right now and pledge your financial support. We need YOU to make it happen!

313.854.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option #1
OR Click on the above link to donate online!

"The Flashdrive Jazz Show" featuring JOEY DEFRANCESCO for RADIOTHON 2011, Monday 10am-1pm, April 11th

Host Marc Anthony loves bringing you a jazzy Monday morning from 10am-1pm and right now he is waiting for YOUR call to support WHFR's RADIOTHON 2011. 89.3 WHFR.fm is one of few stations left in Metro Detroit that plays alternative jazz programming, so please help us keep it going by calling us now! Thank you for your support.

313-845-9676 Option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option #1
OR Click on the above link to donate online!

RADIOTHON 2011 April 10th-16th - Please Pledge Your Support! (Click on above link)

For over 25 years, WHFR Radio has been committed to being a voice of fresh, local, and alternative programming here in the Dearborn/Detroit area and on the web at whfr.fm. It can only continue with your financial support. RADIOTHON is the only time we interrupt our programming to ask for your help. Over 60% of WHFR's operating budget comes from listener support and underwriting dollars. WHFR uses the money we raise from our pledge drive for the essentials and basic needs, literally to keep the station on the air. Every dollar makes a difference, so please help in any way you can.

Mrs. Robinson is waiting for your RADIOTHON 2011 pledge on "One Plus One", Sunday 9pm-Midnight!

Making "One Plus One" the soundtrack to your Sunday nights is something Mrs. Robinson has been enjoying for years, but she can only continue bringing you the best new Indie Rock every Sunday with your pledge during RADIOTHON 2011. Please call now with your financial support to help keep 89.3 WHFR.fm on the air!

313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 Option #1
OR Click on the above link to donate online

New show "The Block Party" ready for RADIOTHON 2011 pledgers! Sunday 7-9pm, April 10th

Do you enjoy listening to local & new hip hop, rap, and neo soul artists from here in the Metro Detroit area like you hear on "The Block Party"? Then help US support them! WHFR is committed to brining a wide variety of alternative programming & emerging artists not being played on commercial radio. However, since we do not play commercials, a large part of our station operations relies on YOU for financial support to continue our mission. Please call in and make a pledge...(313) 845-9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 option #1
OR pledge online by clicking on the above link!

ROBERT PENN -Special RADIOTHON 2011 guest on "The Sunday Blues Review", Sunday, 5-7pm April 10th

Listen in to "The Sunday Blues Review" with Shyster as special guest ROBERT PENN shares his musical talent with you and talks what WHFR Radio means to him as well as the blues society. If you call in with you pledge during this show, not only will you receive a WHFR logo incentive, but you will also receive an additional "Blues Music" incentive as well!
Call Now! 313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext.9676 Option #1

Limited amount of GOSPEL CD's given out to lucky RADIOTHON 2011 pledgers calling in to "Strictly Gospel", Sunday 3-5pm, April 10th

Pledgers who call into "Strictly Gospel" today from 3-5pm and pledge their financial support to WHFR's RADIOTHON 2011 have an opportunity to receive one of the limited supply of Gospel CD's from DJ Andy Parks in addition to the WHFR logo incentive. Be sure to listen for the right moment to call in!

313.845.9676 option #1 or 1-800-585-HFCC ext. 9676 option #1

RACHAEL DAVIS -special RADIOTHON 2011 guest on "Acoustic Alternatives" Sunday, 10am-1pm, April 10th

RACHAEL DAVIS will be making a special guest appearance on "Acoustic Alternatives" with host John Bommarito for RADIOTHON 2011 to make a little music and ask for a little support for her favorite non-commercial Dearborn/Detroit radio station WHFR! Make a pledge of $30 or more during this show and you will receive an acoustic music CD in addition to our WHFR logo incentive. The first $52 pledger receives an autographed CD titled "Sugarcoating" by Martin Sexton! Call now- 313.845.9676 option 1

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