We present a special Radio Vault program episode celebrating radio past and present on Tuesday, Feb 13 starting at 10AM.

We'll listen to The Big Show, another example of NBC's effort to bolster its radio ratings in the 1950s, with television its biggest competitor. Tallulah Bankhead was the host. The show wasn't quite big enough to put television in its place, though. After two seasons NBC cancelled the show with a reported loss of $1 million, despite major sponsorships. The Big Show isn't big enough for us at WHFR's Radio Vault either.
Back for another visit is our friend Ron Robinson, best known for his nearly decade of work on his documentary “Radio Daze, the First 101 Years.” Ron has worked in radio himself at several stations. He has taught radio and interviewed almost everyone IN radio and the music scene, especially in the Detroit area.

If you had a favorite DJ or station growing up, you just may hear their behind the scenes stories, along with a re-cap of what went on in the very days.

The movie has been released for streaming and there are free trailers available. Get the insight from the man who made it happen and where you can watch it during hour 2 of Tuesday's Radio always, hosted by the Keeper of the Archives, Tuesday, Feb 13 starting at 10AM ET all the way up until 1:00... stream live at or in the Detroit area at 89.3 FM. Stay tuned for news of a downloadable version of Radio Vault.