Great article by our Web Guy: Ryan Youngs about the band WEREWOLF JONES:
I listen to music for the way it makes me feel first, and everything else comes second. Perhaps this is why a band named Werewolf Jones caught my attention at a show just before things started to shut down due to the pandemic. Werewolf Jones took the stage as the late act for Saturday night of the Hamtramck Music Festival at Outer Limits. Their sound was awesome! It was fast, it was loud, it was full of fuzz, and reminded me of listening to old hardcore punk tapes decades ago. They are definitely taking cues from the older bands in the genre like Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and fellow Detroit area brethren Negative Approach. As far as sound goes, my first thoughts around instrumentation were pre-hip-hop Beastie Boys as it was so raw and fast, but after a little more thought early Negative Approach might be a little more inline. Vocally, my first thoughts were of Tony Reflex of the Adolescents if he had deeper voice and yelled more, haha. At any rate, if you like hardcore punk music from the early 80's or if you just want to go out and see a rock show that is super high energy but not at a massive venue check these guys out. Since live music shows aren't much of a thing right now, you can find Werewolf Jones music on Spotify, bandcamp.com, and Youtube.com.

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